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Crypto Token Sales Market Statistics

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  This section presents data using the amount raised by successful token sales. Successful here means those that managed to raise at least the minimum (soft cap) that they set out to raise. Note that this data includes the entire token sales market, not just those token sales that advertised in CoinSchedule.

Total Funds Raised per Month

Total Raised in the Period: USD 256,922,741.00

Top 10 Token Sales by Funds Raised

Name Amount Raised Start Date End Date Description
1 The DAO $163,000,000 Apr 30, 2016 May 28, 2016 - N/A -
2 Waves $16,436,095 Apr 12, 2016 May 31, 2016 Waves aims to help people create tokens at a much faster pace. Using the waves platform you can also exchange for other tokens, store yours safely, and trade with other individuals.
3 Iconomi $10,576,227 Aug 25, 2016 Aug 29, 2016 Iconomi is a platform where you can develop your own investing account and show it to other people and have it act as a fund manager. Other people can have you invest their cryptocurrency and you make a percentage off of it.
4 Golem $8,596,000 Nov 11, 2016 Nov 11, 2016 Golem is a publicly owned decentralized computing system that offers computing tasks for a better price. It uses a public network that users can either buy computing space with, or sell cpu or gpu space.
5 SingularDTV $7,500,000 Oct 02, 2016 Oct 02, 2016 SingularDTV aims to create a decentralized entertainment industry. It will provide a more transparent industry with no form of corruption. This is so that creators can have control over their output and not be taken advantage of.
6 Digix DAO $5,500,000 Mar 29, 2016 Mar 29, 2016 DigixDAO aims to create a stable cryptocurrency by backing it with gold as a stable asset. This is to prevent the currency from being another volatile unstable cryptocurrency.
7 FirstBlood $5,500,000 Sep 25, 2016 Sep 25, 2016 Firstblood is the first e-sports platform based off of the blockchain. It allows people to challenge others to games. The winner is given a reward in digital currency.
8 Synereo $4,700,000 Sep 19, 2016 Oct 18, 2016 Synereo is an open source decentralized social network. Popular content on this platform is rewarded with cryptocurrency. Users privacy is backed into the decentralized structure of the network.
9 Decent $4,178,357 Sep 11, 2016 Nov 06, 2016 Decent focuses on decentralized content distribution. So content creators can have more freedom with who they reach instead of needing to pay a platform or somebody to help.
10 Antshares / NEO $3,608,378 Aug 08, 2016 Sep 07, 2016 Antshares is an open source blockchain that allows contribution from developers around the world. It aims to introduce what will be called smart contracts 2.0 which allows for multi language contract compiling.

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