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Crypto Token Sales Market Statistics

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  This section presents data using only those tokens submitted to CoinSchedule. This means tokens that visited CoinSchedule and filled the CoinSchedule submission form.

Token Success Funnel

CoinSchedule receives voluntary submissions of token sales since 2016. These are typically submitted by the owner/organiser of the token sale. The funnel below shows the 'success path' these token sales go through until getting into an exchange. Ultimately this show the percentage of success of token sales.

NOTE: This funnel shows LIVE data and doesn't take any selected timeframe into account, it is always considering all data available in our database.

8277 ICOs, IEOs, STOs Submitted to CoinSchedule

From a total of 2121 executed token sales, 345 ended up listed in Exchanges (16% success rate)
The result is 50% better for PREMIUM token sales in CoinSchedule, where from a total of 482 executed token sales, 117 are trading (24% success rate)