Paragon (PRG)Platinum Project

Paragon seeks to pull the cannabis community from marginalized to mainstream by building blockchain into every step of the cannabis industry and by working toward full legalization. Our strength lies in the unique blockchain/cannabis connection that uses smart contracts.
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Ethereum Ethereum
Drugs & Healthcare
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Start Date
January 23rd 2018 07:37 UTC
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End Date
January 23rd 2018 07:37 UTC
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Jessica VersteegChief Executive Officer
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Egor LavrovChief Creative Officer
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Vadym KurylovichChief Technology Officer
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Julian ZegelmanChief Legal Officer
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Giovanti HumphriesChief Financial Officer
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Gareth RhodesChief Business Officer Emea
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Chuck BogoradChief Strategy Officer
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David KalustovVp Of Business Development
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Joshua RogersChief Accounting Officer
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Robert EscobarChief Operating Officer
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Kayla BoothPr And Marketing Manager
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Alex EmelichevChief Business Officer Emea
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PriscillaParagon Mascot
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Sergei SergienkoAdvisor
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Jayceon Terrell TaylorAdvisor
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Ryan JuneeAdvisor
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Ernesto OvcharenkoAdvisor
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Bess ByersAdvisor
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Mohsen AshrafAdvisor
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Paris RouzatiAdvisor
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Baky SoumareAdvisor
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Troy Von OtnottAdvisor
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Edwin Van Den BergAdvisor
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Juan Carlos GĂ“mezAdvisor
Paul KimAdvisor
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Nick EvdokimovAdvisor
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Upcoming Events and Milestones

MilestoneNov 2017Voting and Purchase of the first location of Paragon Spaces
MilestoneNov 2017Token Listing on recognized coin/token exchange