FunFair (FUN)

FunFair is a decentralised gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, it is the first platform to solve the big challenges that have made other blockchain casinos unplayable.
Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Open
Total Supply 5 Billion Soft Cap
12.5 Billion Hard Cap
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FunFair ICO

Start Date June 22nd 2017 14:00 UTC
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End Date June 23rd 2017 14:00 UTC
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FunFair’s founders have a proven track record of over 40 years, creating innovative interactive entertainment products and have sold millions of games in the process.

At FunFair, the team has solved three key problems necessary to disrupt the projected $60B global casino game market using blockchain technology: lack of fairness, slow game speed, and poor game experience.

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“Unlike other companies, we have much more than a white paper and a dream for our token creation event,” said Jez San OBE, founder and CEO. “We’ve already developed real, playable casino games that prove our model works. Our vision is a limitless universe of transparent, secure casinos that can be easily created by anyone, anywhere in the world.”

Token Creation Rate
100 FUN will be issued per 1 US Dollar equivalent received

Bitcoin, Zcash, Ether and ERC20 contribution prices will be fixed for the duration of the token event. Finalized prices will be published at or slightly before 1300:00 GMT June 22, 2017.

Accepted Currencies
Selected ERC20 tokens (to be announced closer to token event)
Rates and Bonuses
$0 to $1 million: 50% Bonus
$1 million to $2 million: 40% Bonus
$2 million to $3 million: 30% Bonus
$3 million to $4 million: 20% Bonus
$4 million to $5 million: 10% Bonus
$5 million or higher: No Bonus
Token Presale Contributors60.00%
FunFair Team37.50%
Advisors 2.50%



Jez San OBEFounder, CEO
Jeremy LongleyCo-Founder, CTO
Oliver HoptonCo-founder, Developer
Dane WiidDeveloper
Laurence McDonaldSenior Artist / Producer
Paul JackmanSenior Games Programmer and Designer
Rob Palmer-HoleProject Manager
Cécile BairdPR, Comms & Marketing
Dan GrantPR, Comms & Marketing

Upcoming Events and Milestones

Jun 2017Demo Released
Q3 2017Fate Channels V2 & V3 | Multi-state games | Game Release: Roulette MVP
Q4 2017ALPHA RELEASE: Peer to peer platform Testing of Alpha | Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette production ready | Game Release: Craps and Video Poker MVP
Nov 2017Platform demo at Devon3
Q1 2018OFFICIAL PUBLIC RELEASE | Game release: Progressive Slot MVP
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