MobileGO (MGO)

The First Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases
Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Open
Total Supply 100,000,000
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MobileGO ICO

Start Date April 25th 2017 15:00 UTC
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End Date May 24th 2017 15:00 UTC
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The MobileGo crowdsale and MobileGo token issuance will help fund marketing and branding of the Gamecredits’ Mobile Store and the development of smart contract technology within the platform using the Ethereum blockchain.

MobileGo tokens will be used to gamify the mobile platform, and to incentivize gamers for loyalty and participation through rewards. MobileGo tokens will also allow for smart contract technology. MobileGo tokens will allow for the development of a decentralized virtual mobile gamer marketplace, the ability for gamer vs. gamer decentralized match play, and decentralized tournaments run on smart contracts.
Rates and Bonuses
Apr 25th 2017 15:00 UTC - May 2nd 2017 14:49 UTC15% on all currencies + 7% for investments made with GAME
May 2nd 2017 15:00 UTC - May 9th 2017 14:49 UTC10% on all currencies + 7% for investments made with GAME
May 9th 2017 15:00 UTC - May 16th 2017 14:49 UTC5% on all currencies + 7% for investments made with GAME
May 16th 2017 15:00 UTC - May 24th 2017 15:00 UTCOnly a 10% discount on investments made with GAME
Crowdsale participants70,000,000 MGO70.00%
Minimum amount towards direct marketing for gamer installs15,000,000 MGO15.00%
Development of decentralized virtual marketplace, decentralized gamer vs. gamer match wagering, and decentralized tournament environment6,000,000 MGO6.00%
Max retained for legal, payment processing float, future development related to gamification of the mobile gaming platform and expansion related to marketing.9,000,000 MGO9.00%



Sergey Sholom, PhDFounder of Datcroft Games Ltd
Vesselin PeevLead Platform Developer of the Gamecredits Mobile Store
Nikola DjokicCTO
Maxim Sholom, PhDChief Architect of the Gamecredits Mobile Store
Rob WilsonAdvisor (founder of Bitscan and Incent)
Bok KhooEthereum Dev

Upcoming Events and Milestones

Q2 2017Gamecredits Mobile Store Public Launch
Q2 2017Gamecredits accepted for mobile store games and ingame content purchases
Q3 2017Marketing funds deployed
Q3 2017First centralized tournaments on platform
Q4 2017Complete gamification of mobile platform including MobileGo token integration into player profiles, statuses, and rewards
Q4 2017Complete decentralized virtual gamer marketplace
Q1 2018Complete integration of decentralized gamer matches and decentralized gamer tournaments
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