Ethereum Movie Venture (EMV)

EMV is a decentralised movie-investment platform designed for investing in the independent movie industry
Project Type Asset / Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Open
Location Switzerland
Total Supply 6,666,666


Start Date March 19th 2017 23:00 UTC
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End Date April 17th 2017 23:00 UTC
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The worlds first Ethereum Funded Movie The-Pitts-Circus is going public.

• Coin is listed on two exchanges already.
• Innovative ICO that guarantees transfer of coins to mainstream consumers
• The coin created representing the shares is called EMV (Ethereum Movie Venture)
• It is a ERC-20 certified Ethereum token
• Early investors of the project (before march 20th) receive bonus tokens
• ICO phase for the coins starts on march 20th
• Details
Current Price 0.10000000 ETH
Pre ICO Sale0.001428 ETH
March 19th 2017 23:00 UTC0.0015 ETH
March 25th 2017 23:00 UTC0.0020 ETH
April 2nd 2017 23:00 UTC0.0050 ETH
April 9th 2017 23:00 UTC0.0100 ETH
April 16th 2017 23:00 UTC0.0200 ETH
April 23rd 2017 23:00 UTC0.0300 ETH
April 30th 2017 23:00 UTC0.0400 ETH
May 7th 2017 23:00 UTC0.0500 ETH
After ICO via Tickets0.1000 ETH
Phase 1 Pre ICO Sale4,662,000 EMV70.00%* Unsold are pooled into Phase 2
Phase 2 ICO1,000,000 EMV15.00%* Unsold are pooled into Phase 3
Phase 3 Ticketing500,000 EMV7.00%
Cast and Crew238,000 EMV3.00%
Partners66,666 EMV1.00%
Consulting and Auditing50,000 EMV1.00%
Bounties50,000 EMV1.00%
Development Team50,000 EMV1.00%
Marketing50,000 EMV1.00%

Twitter Feed

One of our Sponsors @BitcoinTrezor now fully supports our ERC-20 certified Ethereum Movie Venture Token
Don't tell this anyone, you can watch the kid in the kitchen when parents were at work  and it features our new
The Pitts Circus Family has argument. Which Logo is better, you have 6 hours left for voting
good news ahead....@ConsenLabs will list Ethereum Movie Venture Token on the mobile app!
just got invited to Crypto Valley Annual

Upcoming Events and Milestones

Q3 2017Buy and trade EMV at trading plattforms
Q4 2017The first Ethereum Movie Funded Movie The Pitts Circus will be screened at Filmfestivals worldwide
Q1 2018Cinema Screeening the first Ethereum Movie Funded Movie The Pitts Circus
Q2 2018Online pay per view screening the first Ethereum Movie Funded Movie The Pitts Circus
Q4 2018First dividend to shareholders


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