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14 Feb, 2019

GQ (E11) - Can Blockchain Supply chains empower conscious consumerism?

Today we had Angel Versetti on the show, he's a Forbes 30 under 30 and Global CEO @ Ambrosus. Ambrosus is building a decentralised ecosystem where sensors powering the internet of things can talk to blockchain and consequently disrupt a bunch of industries. For this episode we honed in on blockchain disruption of global supply chains and how that will change global power structures, improve trade and production transparency and most importantly facilitate conscious consumerism. Don’t forget to like and share this video and subs to our channel We hope you enjoy
30 Jan, 2019

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23 Jan, 2019

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17 Jan, 2019

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10 Jan, 2019

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11 Dec, 2018

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07 Dec, 2018

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30 Nov, 2018

GQ (E4) Part 1 - What factors are hindering institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies?

30 Nov, 2018

GQ (E4) Part 2 - What factors are hindering institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies?

22 Nov, 2018

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17 Nov, 2018

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15 Nov, 2018

Alex Buelau - Trust Score Talk at Finance Magnates London 2018

05 Sep, 2018

GQ (E1) - When did Bitcoin (BTC) betray Satoshi? with with Roger Ver

03 Sep, 2018

NEVER invest in an ICO without a TrustScore!

30 Apr, 2018

Crypto Coin Growth interview with CEO Alex Buelau from CoinSchedule at Londons Blockchain Expo 2018

30 Apr, 2018

Alex Buelau from Coinschedule being interview at blockchain expo 2018

10 Apr, 2018

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