CrowdWiz (WIZ)Gold Project

CrowdWiz is a next generation decentralized investments ecosystem, based on Ethereum.
Project Type
Trading & Investing
Total Supply
Bitcoin Talk

CrowdWiz Pre-Sale

Start Date
October 10th 2017 10:00 UTC
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End Date
October 24th 2017 23:59 UTC
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Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC
Token exchange rate 1 WIZ = 1 USD

Min. transaction amount in ETH 0.1 ETH
Min. transaction amount in BTC 0.01 BTC

Maximum transaction amount $ 100 000

Cut the middleman
One of the greatest and innovative things about CrowdWiz is that it lets you cut all kinds of intermediaries. Our structure makes it possible for investors to deal directly with other investors and access funding, various bids and prices which otherwise might be blocked or interfered by middlemen for exchange.

Utilizing the wisdom of the crowd
We strongly believe in the power of investors! That’s why we allow them to use their full potential by giving their control back. The incapability of already established banking and financial institutions has created strong demand for this change.
Rates and Bonuses
DAY 1 - 10% Bonus
DAY 2-3 - 7% Bonus
DAY 4-5 - 5% Bonus
DAY 6-7 - 3% Bonus
DAY 1 - 10% Bonus
DAY 2-3 - 7% Bonus
DAY 4-5 - 5% Bonus
DAY 6-7 - 3% Bonus
Token sale26,000,000 WIZ65.00%
Founding Team6,000,000 WIZ15.00%
Further development4,000,000 WIZ10.00%
Reserve 4,000,000 WIZ10.00%


Michael GolodCo-Founder and CEO
Michael Golod LinkedIn Link
Slavena SavchevaCo-Founder and BizDev
Slavena Savcheva LinkedIn Link
Martin ParvanovTrading Product Manager
Martin Parvanov LinkedIn Link
Stan KirilovUI/UX Strategist
Stan Kirilov LinkedIn Link
Dror LevyBlockchain Architect
Dror Levy LinkedIn Link
Alexander LvovichSoftware Architect
Alexander Lvovich LinkedIn Link
Orlin BenovSolidity Developer
Orlin Benov LinkedIn Link
Radoslav HristovBack-End Developer
Radoslav Hristov LinkedIn Link
Deanne KalevQA Manager
Deanne Kalev LinkedIn Link
Georgi StamatovR&D Manager
Georgi Stamatov LinkedIn Link
Sergey MinkovSenior IT Architect
Sergey Minkov LinkedIn Link
Alexandra PoierCommunity Manager
Alexandra Poier LinkedIn Link
Benjamin TrumanOnline Marketing
Benjamin Truman LinkedIn Link
Stanislav StaykovSEO
Stanislav Staykov LinkedIn Link
Plamena GetovaHR
Plamena Getova LinkedIn Link
Nadezhda KasabovaFinance Manager
Ilan TzoryaAdvisor
Ilan Tzorya LinkedIn Link
Gal BarakAdvisor
Gal Barak LinkedIn Link
Delzar KhalafStrategy Advisor
Delzar Khalaf LinkedIn Link
Michael GreenbergMedia Advisor
Michael Greenberg LinkedIn Link
Simon GrunfeldCryptography Advisor
Simon Grunfeld LinkedIn Link
Nashwan KhatibBlockchain Advisor
Nashwan Khatib LinkedIn Link
Andrei VeressovLegal Advisor
Andrei Veressov LinkedIn Link
Ayelet NoffPR Advisor
Ayelet Noff LinkedIn Link
Moshe WassermannFinancial Services Advisor
Moshe Wassermann LinkedIn Link
Gal RonFinTech Marketing Advisor
Gal Ron LinkedIn Link

Upcoming Events and Milestones

MilestoneQ4 2017Token distribution & exchange debut
MilestoneQ1 2018WizFund beta
MilestoneQ2 2018WizFund platform official launch
MilestoneQ3 2018WizExchange beta
MilestoneQ4 2018WizExchange official launch