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Crypto Tickets (TKT)Gold Project

Crypto Tickets Is a new standard in the industry of entertainment: distribution of tickets with an automatic billing, minimal costs, without fakes, with clear rules of the game. The main task of the project is to create a blockchain platform which can be used by the world’s ticket industry to solve the main market’s problems, such as fake tickets and an unmanageable secondary market.

  • Project Type Token
  • Category Events & Entertainment
  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
  • Location Not Supplied
  • Total Supply 914,869,281
  • Bitcoin Talk Not Supplied

Crypto Tickets Token Sale

Start Date
October 5th 2017 19:00 UTC
- -Days
- -Hours
- -Mins
- -Secs
End Date
November 5th 2017 19:00 UTC
- -Days
- -Hours
- -Mins
- -Secs
Egor Egerev
Egor EgerevCEO, Founder, Product Manager
Ilya Sergeenko
Ilya SergeenkoCo-Founder & Investment Director
Katerina Kirillova
Katerina KirillovaCo-Founder, Strategy & Business Development, Executive MBA
Andrew Zimine
Andrew ZimineAdvisor (Founder and CEO #Exscudo, EON, Consultant #fintech)
Anton Akentiev
Anton AkentievAdvisor (Blockchain Enthusiast,
Leonard Grayver
Leonard GrayverAdvisor (Venture Capital and Startup Lawyer Greenberg Whitcomben Takeuchi Gibson & Grayver LLP)
Julian Zegelman
Julian ZegelmanAdvisor (Corporate lawyer, Partner in Velton Zegelman PC.)
Price: 1 TKT = $0.04

1st Day = +20%
2nd Day = +20%
3rd Day = + 10%
4th Day = + 10%
5th Day = +5%
6th Day = +5%
7th Day = +5% consists of the following units

Blockchain ticketing platform regulated by smart contracts
  • Event Creation
  • Crypto tickets issue
  • Smart contracts set up
  • Sales regulation

    Global Distribution System and secondary exchange regulated by smart contracts
  • Open tickets distribution
  • Tickets validation
  • Automated billing
  • Fees distribution and splitting payments via Ticketing Payment System

    E-wallet for your event tickets
  • Exchange: fiat and TKT
  • Interface for tickets purchase, exchange and refund
  • Marketing channel with additional content from Artists and Event organisers
  • Communications with other vistors
  • Distribution
    • Public Token Sale68.90%
    • Ticketscloud15.00%
    • Private Offer7.60%
    • Advisors3.50%
    • Growth Fund3.00%
    • Bounty2.00%
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