BiQ Token (BIQ)

The BurstIQ platform gives people the power to access, share and gain value from their data and enables businesses to pursue data-driven partnerships, research collaborations, AI-powered digital solutions, direct marketing to engaged customers, and more.
Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Open
Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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BurstIQ Crowdsale

Start Date September 19th 2017 18:00 UTC
End Date October 24th 2017 18:00 UTC
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Token Price: Ether equivalent of $0.12 USD at the time of sale

Token Memo

Use of Proceeds
The following allocation structure assumes a base raise of $20M.

45% - Platform Development
Includes Phase 2 development of the secure data grid, intelligence layer, and ecosystem tool set. Also includes Phase 1 development of the Health Wallet and improvements to user experience.

15% - Ecosystem Development
Focuses on creating ecosystems to address specific marketplace initiatives and expand the platform’s swarm intelligence and deep learning capability. This may include support for partner development activities.

15% - Cloud Operations
Will be used to grow the BurstIQ operations team and cloud infrastructure to ensure the continued security and integrity of the platform. This will include maintaining security readiness and regulatory compliance, performing regular security audits, and day-to-day cloud operations.

15% - Business Development
Will be used to drive strategic and long-term growth of the platform, including recruiting partners to create marketplace initiatives and drive marketplace utilization. This will be supported by a marketing function facilitate ecosystem growth and market awareness.

5% - Community Health Initiatives
Will be used to drive and support initiatives that expand health access for underserved communities and support research initiatives targeted at underrepresented populations.

5% - Corporate
We will continue to strive to keep our corporate expenses below industry average. Corporate expense includes items such as facility expense, administrative expenses, and corporate management.
Rates and Bonuses
Week 1 - 20% Bonus
Week 2 - 15% Bonus
Week 3 - 10% Bonus
Week 4 - 5% Bonus
Week 5+ No Bonus
Crowdsale700,000,000 BIQ70.00%
Founders & Key Employees200,000,000 BIQ20.00%Subject to a hold schedule
Advisors50,000,000 BIQ5.00%Subject to a hold schedule
Individuals and Marketplace Incentives50,000,000 BIQ5.00%



Frank RicottaCEO, Founder
Brian JacksonOperations, Co-Founder
Tyson HenryData Science
Jeff WebbPlatform Architecture
Brian HuberWeb Development
Amber HartleyCorporate Developement
Mike GionfriddoStrategy
Dallas HaselhorstSecurity
Ben YablonCompliance
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