Cobinhood (COB)

Cobinhood offers a “no trading fees” platform enabling unprecedented dominion over cryptocurrency trends, resulting in maximized profits and diverse trading flexibility for traders.
Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Open
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Cobinhood ICO

Start Date September 13th 2017
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End Date October 22nd 2017
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The lowest price: 1 ETC to 5600 COB
The highest price: 1 ETC to 4000 COB
Start price: ETH 0.0001785714285714286
Funding cap: 500,000,000 COB
Team Hold: 400,000,000 COB
Private Placement: 100,000,000 COB
Target Amount: 89285.7143 ETH

ICO participants can send ETH to the smart contract address shown on the official website for Cobinhood token subscription. BTCs are also accepted in the crowdsale. For ICO participants who use BTC, the effective ETH amount will depend on the quote of ETH/BTC by Bitfinex at the time BTC transaction is confirmed.

Use of Funds

40% Product Development
Recruitment of the best talents in the world to keep Cobinhood's technology ahead as well as develop new financial products and services.

20% Operation
Cost for servers and customer service

20% Marketing
To rapidly increase market shares.

10% Auditing and Security Compliance
Cobinhood will make all efforts to ensure security of all users' crypto assets, aiming at achieving the auditing and security compliance level of banking.

10% Legal Affairs
Legal compliance is key to Cobinhood's long-term success
Crowdsale500,000,000 COB50.00%
Team-held (Max release amount 4M COB token/year)400,000,000 COB40.00%
Private Placement100,000,000 COB10.00%



Popo ChenCobinhood Ceo And Founder
Du JunCso, Co-founder Of Huobi
Pu-chen MaoCto
Wei-ning HuangAdvisor
Shao-yu WangAdvisor
Tz-iu, JengAdvisor

Upcoming Events and Milestones

Q4 2017Cobinhood Exchange Online
Q4 2017ICO Underwriting Service Online
Q4 2017Margin Trading/Funding Online
Q1 2018FIAT/Futures Trading Online
Q3 2018Crypto Assets Trading with Stocks/Foreign Exchange/ Precious Metals/ Commodity/ Market Indexes
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