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4NEW ICO (KWATT)Gold Project

4NEW is the world's first blockchain infrastructure project. 4NEW collects & processes waste turning it into free energy. Free energy is applied to our crypto-mining farm allowing voracious consumption to be met with scalable production.

  • Project Type Token
  • Category Energy & Utilities
  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
  • Location UK
  • Total Supply 300,000,000
  • Bitcoin Talk Not Supplied
Start Date
January 28th 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
March 28th 2018 12:00 UTC
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V Datta
V Datta LinkedIn LinkFounder & Chairman
Sandeep Golechha
Sandeep Golechha LinkedIn LinkCEO
Peter Teasdale
Peter Teasdale COO
Micheal Liburd
Micheal Liburd LinkedIn LinkCMO
Stephen Fiser
Stephen Fiser LinkedIn LinkTechnical Lead
Darren Stones
Darren Stones LinkedIn LinkCIO
Madeleine Teasdale
Madeleine Teasdale LinkedIn LinkBusiness Development
Kaustuv Ghosh
Kaustuv Ghosh LinkedIn LinkBlockchain Specialist


Saransh Sharma
Saransh Sharma LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (President)
Matt O'Donnell
Matt O'Donnell LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Payments & Blockchain Specialist)
Richard Todd
Richard Todd LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Waste Specialist)
J T Rao
J T Rao LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Smart Meter Solutions)
Ashraf Agha
Ashraf Agha LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Treasury & Blockchain Specialist)
Marcus Ubl
Marcus Ubl LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Business Advisory)
Dr. Moe Levin
Dr. Moe Levin LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Business Advisory)
Darshana Ubl
Darshana Ubl LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Business Advisory)
Victor Buchanan
Victor Buchanan LinkedIn LinkAdvisor (Waste to Energy)
Andrew Springett
Andrew Springett Advisor (Waste to Energy)

4NEW ICO Details

Use of Funds
40% Plant Development
40% Treasury Operations
10% Working Capital
5% Marketing
5% Blockchain Development

4NEW ICO Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale201,000,000 KWATT67.00%
  • Crowdsale201,000,000 KWATT67.00%
  • Founders & Insiders75,000,000 KWATT25.00%
  • Founders & Insiders75,000,000 KWATT25.00%
  • Institutions24,000,000 KWATT8.00%
  • Institutions24,000,000 KWATT8.00%
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