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Joy Token ICO (JOY)Gold Project

Joy Gaming’s technology offers a novel solution to connect small developers, software houses, large casinos and players. It creates a gaming ecosystem that both empowers players and helps developers and casinos reduce risk.

  • Project Type Token
  • Category Gambling & Betting
  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
  • Location Belize
  • Total Supply 700,000,000
  • Bitcoin TalkOpenOpen Bitcoin Talk
Start Date
March 20th 2018 14:00 UTC
End Date
April 19th 2018 14:00 UTC
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Rates and Bonuses

  • 30% Discount ($0.14) starts 27th Feb (105,000,000 JOY)
  • 25% Discount ($0.15) starts 5th Mar (21,000,000 JOY)
  • 20% Discount ($0.16) starts 11th Mar (21,000,000 JOY)
  • 15% Discount ($0.17) starts 17th Mar (21,000,000 JOY)
  • 10% Discount ($0.18) starts 23rd Mar (42,000,000 JOY)


Andrew Macdonald
Andrew Macdonald LinkedIn LinkCEO
Mike Leys
Mike Leys LinkedIn LinkCMO
Steve Giordano Imbroll
Steve Giordano Imbroll LinkedIn LinkCTO
Nathen Lockett
Nathen Lockett LinkedIn LinkCompliance Specialist
Adam Spargo
Adam Spargo LinkedIn LinkMarketing Partner Specialist
Orlan Gansiniec
Orlan Gansiniec LinkedIn LinkQA


Grzegorz Dymek
Grzegorz Dymek LinkedIn LinkSite Leader / Backend Developer
Michał Huppert
Michał Huppert LinkedIn LinkBackend Developer
Mykola Kapravchuk
Mykola Kapravchuk LinkedIn LinkLeader Frontend Developer
Mateusz Krawczynski
Mateusz Krawczynski LinkedIn LinkFrontend Developer
Bartłomiej Smagacz
Bartłomiej Smagacz LinkedIn LinkWeb Page/WordPress Developer
Mateusz Kłodnicki
Mateusz Kłodnicki Mobile Developer
Sławomir Król
Sławomir Król Mobile Developer


Mateusz Mach
Mateusz Mach LinkedIn LinkAdvisor
Keld Knudsen
Keld Knudsen LinkedIn LinkAdvisor

Joy Token ICO Details

Accepting: ETH , BTC and Wire Transfer
Price: 1 JOY = 0.20 USD
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 46,340,000 USD

Use of Funds
40% Partnerships
30% Development
15% Operations
10% Marketing
5% Legal & Security

Joy Token ICO Token Distribution

  • Sold during Token Sale (Unsold tokens will be burnt)210,000,000 JOY30.00%
  • Sold on the platform161,000,000 JOY23.00%
  • Pre-Sale140,000,000 JOY20.00%
  • Founding team (3 years vesting period)84,000,000 JOY12.00%
  • Rewards pool70,000,000 JOY10.00%
  • Ambassadors21,000,000 JOY3.00%
  • Token Sale bounties14,000,000 JOY2.00%
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