Storiqa (STQ)Gold Project

Storiqa is a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy. The use of blockchain technologies destroys the boundaries between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.
Project Type
Ethereum Ethereum
Commerce & Advertising
Hong Kong
Total Supply
We will issue a non-fixed amount of tokens, which will be limited to the size of the contributions of ICO participants.
Bitcoin Talk

Storiqa ICO

Start Date
November 28th 2017
End Date
February 13th 2018
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Soft Cap: $5,000,000
Hard Cap: $25,000,000
Rates and Bonuses
09th Jan - 16th Jan 8% Bonus ($0.006 per STQ)
16th Jan - 23rd Jan 6% Bonus ($0.008 per STQ)
23rd Jan - 30th Jan 4% Bonus ($0.009 per STQ)
30th Jan - 06th Feb 2% Bonus ($0.01 per STQ)
06th Feb - 16th Feb 0% Bonus ($0.015 per STQ)
Token Sale60.00%
Team15.00%15% of emission is reserved for the team and partners, a share will be 3% each and will be unlocked as the project reaches the following token capitalization levels: Token Sale campaign end, $100M, $250M, $500M, $1000M. The process will be Escrow-controll
Development Fund10.00%The first part of it will be unlocked after a 9-month period for launch on the Asian market, and the second one - after another 9 months period to get introduced to the North American market
Early STQ First Purchasers10.00%
Bounty Rewards3.00%
Advisory Board2.00%


Ruslan TugushevCEO, Co-founder
Ruslan Tugushev Facebook LinkRuslan Tugushev LinkedIn Link
Evgeny GavrilinCo-founder, VP Marketing
Evgeny Gavrilin Facebook LinkEvgeny Gavrilin LinkedIn Link
Jonny ZhangBusiness developer, China
Jonny Zhang LinkedIn Link
Adeniyi AdebayoBusiness developer, Africa
Adeniyi Adebayo Facebook Link
Prabhsimran SinghBusiness developer, India & Middle East
Prabhsimran Singh Facebook Link
Nadiya CherkasovaCo-founder, Financial Advisor
Nadiya Cherkasova Facebook Link
Alexey AntonovMarketing & Financial Advisor
Alexey Antonov LinkedIn Link
Andrian GalkinCo-founder, CBDO
Andrian Galkin Facebook LinkAndrian Galkin LinkedIn Link
Evgeniy PopovProject Manager
Evgeniy Popov Facebook LinkEvgeniy Popov LinkedIn Link
Vadim KrekotinBusiness developer, China
Alena MatsiukhinaBusiness developer, USA
Vadim MialikUS Strategy
Sergey PrilutskiyBlockchain Architect
Sergey Prilutskiy Facebook Link
Aleksey KarasevHead of Development, Fullstack developer
Aleksey Karasev Facebook Link
Nikita KortunovProduct Manager, Fullstack developer
Nikita Kortunov Facebook Link
Ivan GolenkoChief Marketing Officer
Ivan Golenko Facebook LinkIvan Golenko LinkedIn Link
Gregory ZotovDigital Marketing Manager
Gregory Zotov Facebook LinkGregory Zotov LinkedIn Link
Anton AlekseenkoHead of PR
Anton Alekseenko Facebook LinkAnton Alekseenko LinkedIn Link
Anastasia TavedPR-coordinator
Anastasia Taved Facebook Link
Vadim AntonovUX Designer
Vadim Antonov Facebook Link
Elena LvovaHead of HR
Elena Lvova Facebook Link
Paul BokajHead of Community Management
Paul Bokaj Facebook LinkPaul Bokaj LinkedIn Link
Anna KarbyshevaSMM Manager
Anna Karbysheva Facebook Link
Aleksey LevenetsFront-end Developer
Aleksey Levenets Facebook Link
Ilya SaldinFront-end Developer
Ilya Saldin Facebook LinkIlya Saldin LinkedIn Link
Yury VasilchikovBlockchain Developer
Yury Vasilchikov Facebook Link
Maksim SuchkovQuality Analyst
Maksim Suchkov Facebook Link
Anatoly BordyugovInvestment Consultant
Anatoly Bordyugov Facebook Link
Vagiz NurullovStrategic Consultant
Vagiz Nurullov Facebook Link
Paddy TanAdvisor
Paddy Tan LinkedIn Link
Austin KimmAdvisor
Austin Kimm LinkedIn Link
Peter XuAdvisor
Peter Xu LinkedIn Link
Wulf KaalAdvisor
Wulf Kaal Facebook LinkWulf Kaal LinkedIn Link
Apurv MishraAdvisor
Apurv Mishra Facebook LinkApurv Mishra LinkedIn Link
Sergey FedorinovAdvisor
Mark GinsburgAdvisor
Nikolai OreshkinAdvisor
Nikolai Oreshkin LinkedIn Link