Privatix (PRIX)Gold Project

First Internet Bandwidth Marketplace powered by P2P VPN Network on Blockchain. Decentralized and 100% autonomous with the first Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy
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Ethereum Ethereum
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Privatix ICO

Start Date
October 19th 2017 14:00 UTC
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End Date
November 16th 2017 14:00 UTC
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Price: 1 ETH = 100 PRIX
Min goal (soft cap): 3,350 ETH
Max goal (hard cap): 57,142 ETH

Privatix - decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain with its own crypto-economy which will serve the first bandwidth exchange marketplace. Based on blockchain, the network will contain thousands or even millions of exit nodes around the world and will provide an innovative new way for developers to build products that will potentially disrupt several markets, like the consumer VPN industry, cyber protection, CDN, business intelligence and even software and mobile apps monetization.

The main assets in the Privatix Network are “exit nodes owners” (Agents). These Agents host on their internet-connected devices special lightweight software which enables them to sell their internet bandwidth. Most internet-connected users have a lot of spare bandwidth that already has been paid for to an ISP but mostly remain unused. Privatix will enable the sale of this unused asset (bandwidth) to other network participants and create huge value for Agents with no additional costs or any initial investment from their side (installing the free software is quick and easy). All financial relationships between Agents and Clients will be in PRIX crypto-currency only. Every token exchange linked to payment for internet broadband will be subject to a fee that will be accumulated by Privatix for maintenance and future development. The fee will be in the range up to 1% of the transaction amount. All operations except payments for internet bandwidth, like token trades on exchanges, will be free from any fees.

Cross-platform VPN service powered by blockchain and based on DPI-free protocol
Decentralized VPN based on the Privatix Network will allow you to surf between millions of exit nodes at the best available speed and use advanced modified VPN connections that are undetectable by DPIs and remain 100% anonymous.

If you choose to be a peer in the network, you will be able to pay for it by sharing your traffic with other users. If you get more traffic than you give, you will have to pay the difference. Vice versa the difference will be paid to you.
Rates and Bonuses
Bonus First 48 hours : 40% (1 PRIX = 1.4 PRIX)
Bonus Week 1 : 30% (1 PRIX = 1.3 PRIX)
Bonus Week 2 : 20% (1 PRIX = 1.2 PRIX)
Bonus Week 3 : 10% (1 PRIX = 1.1 PRIX)
Bonus Week 4 : 5% (1 PRIX = 1.05 PRIX)
ICO8,000,000 PRIX80.00%
Founders (locked for 12 months)700,000 PRIX7.00%
Team and future employees700,000 PRIX7.00%
Bounty, advisors and cost covering300,000 PRIX3.00%
Presale (pre-ICO)300,000 PRIX3.00%


Dima RusakovCEO and Co-Founder
Dima Rusakov Twitter LinkDima Rusakov Facebook LinkDima Rusakov LinkedIn LinkDima Rusakov Telegram Link
Nikita KuznetsovCTO and Co-Founder
Nikita Kuznetsov Github LinkNikita Kuznetsov Facebook LinkNikita Kuznetsov LinkedIn LinkNikita Kuznetsov Telegram Link
Rubtsov DmitriyCo-Founder, Chief of operation and Business development
Rubtsov Dmitriy LinkedIn LinkRubtsov Dmitriy Telegram Link
Vitaly HnidenkoHead of Development
Vitaly Hnidenko Github LinkVitaly Hnidenko Telegram Link
Viacheslav YakushevHead of Infrastructure
Viacheslav Yakushev LinkedIn Link
Viktor LahmanR&D-team member and full stack developer
Viktor Lahman Github LinkViktor Lahman Facebook LinkViktor Lahman LinkedIn LinkViktor Lahman Telegram Link
Timur AppaevSenior full-stack / JS developer
Timur Appaev Github LinkTimur Appaev Facebook LinkTimur Appaev LinkedIn Link
Alexander ShishkinPPC and media buying
Alexander Shishkin Telegram Link
Mykola LysiyHead of QA
Mykola Lysiy LinkedIn Link
Yaroslav KrimetsTraffic acquisition specialist
Yaroslav Krimets LinkedIn Link
Andrew BeilykSenior android developer
Andrew Beilyk LinkedIn Link
Michael BereslavskyEarly stage investor and Advisor
Michael Bereslavsky Twitter LinkMichael Bereslavsky Facebook LinkMichael Bereslavsky LinkedIn LinkMichael Bereslavsky Link
Tseitlin AndreiAdvisor (Computer science engineer and software architect)
Tseitlin Andrei Facebook LinkTseitlin Andrei LinkedIn Link