Jibrel Network Token (JNT)Gold Project

The Jibrel Network provides traditional financial assets, such as currencies, commodities and bonds, as standard ERC-20 tokens, on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Jibrel Network Pre-sale

Start Date
September 25th 2017 12:00 UTC
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End Date
October 25th 2017 12:00 UTC
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Jibrel Network Token (JNT) will be offered at a discounted price of US$ 0.20 (vs. public sale price of US$0.25).

What is the Jibrel Network?
The Jibrel Network provides currencies, equities, commodities and other financial assets and instruments as standard ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

What are CryDRs?
CryptoDepository Receipts or CryDRs are tokens representing a traditional financial asset’s value, denominated in Jibrel Network Token - JNT (e.g. a USD CryDR holds 1 dollar worth of JNT).

What can CryDRs be used for?
Fiat CryDRs can be used for remittances, global payments, trading and hedging. CryDRs can also be used to create automated and decentralized financial instruments - such as bonds, commodities, debt instruments and securities.

What is Smart Regulation?
CryDRs have smart regulation built in, real-world rules and regulations translated into solidity code and deployed on the ethereum blockchain. Ensuring that while decentralized, CryDRs always follow real world rules and regulations.

What is jCash?
jCash is the first roll-out of currencies. USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, AED, CNY CryDRs will be made available.

How can I purchase CryDRs?
CryDRs can be purchased from the Jibrel DAO using Jibrel Network Token (JNT).

What is the jWallet?
The jWallet is the official wallet of the Jibrel Network. A secure, simple, best-in-class Ethereum wallet to manage ERC-20 tokens
Rates and Bonuses
DAY 1 - 10% Bonus
DAY 2-3 - 7% Bonus
DAY 4-5 - 5% Bonus
DAY 6-7 - 3% Bonus
DAY 1 - 10% Bonus
DAY 2-3 - 7% Bonus
DAY 4-5 - 5% Bonus
DAY 6-7 - 3% Bonus
Token Sale80,000,000 JNT40.00%Jibrel Network Token offered at 25 cents
Public Pre-sale40,000,000 JNT20.00%Jibrel Network Token offered at 20 - 22.5 cents
Development Team30,000,000 JNT15.00%Retained by Jibrel Network Team - 5 year vesting plan
Strategic Partners & Advisors20,000,000 JNT10.00%Partners such as New Alchemy, PwC, TaaS, etc.
Angel Round20,000,000 JNT10.00%Jibrel Network Token offered at 15 cents
Bounties - for CryptoCommunity10,000,000 JNT5.00%Translation, signature, social and competition bounties


Yazan BarghuthiCo-founder, Project Lead
Yazan Barghuthi LinkedIn Link
Victor MezrinCo-founder, Technical Lead
Victor Mezrin Github LinkVictor Mezrin LinkedIn Link
Talal TabbaaCo-founder, BizDev Lead
Talal Tabbaa LinkedIn Link
Nick MarininDeveloper (UX/UI)
Nick Marinin LinkedIn Link
Jad HindyMarketing
Jad Hindy LinkedIn Link
Aleksey SelikhovDeveloper (Back-end)
Aleksey Selikhov LinkedIn Link
Ivan ViolentovDeveloper (Front-end)
Anna BordunovaPublic Relations
Anna Bordunova LinkedIn Link
Rust KhusyainovIllustrator
Don TapscottStrategy Advisor (CEO of Tapscott Group)
Don Tapscott LinkedIn LinkDon Tapscott Wikipedia Link
Ruslan GavrilyukCryptoFinance Advisor (CEO & Founder of TaaS Fund)
Ruslan Gavrilyuk LinkedIn Link
Stephen MurphyFinTech Advisor (CEO of Genesis Global Tech)
Stephen Murphy LinkedIn Link
Saul HudsonCommunications Advisor (GM at Thomson Reuters)
Saul Hudson LinkedIn Link
Mohammad Al SehliMENA Advisor (CEO & Founder of Arabian Chain)
Mohammad Al Sehli LinkedIn Link
Dr. Moe LevinPublic Sector Advisor (CEO of Keynote)
Dr. Moe Levin LinkedIn Link

Upcoming Events and Milestones

MilestoneQ4 2017jCash Launch
Jibrel Network launches an additional five fiat currencies at the jCash launch

Token Sale
Jibrel Network Token offered publicly
MilestoneQ1 2018CryDR Explorer Release
A dedicated CryDR block explorer is released to facilitate closer / more detailed tracking of CryDRs on the network
MilestoneQ3 2018Institutional Grade Banking Platform
An institutional-grade solution for banking and other financial institutions to directly tokenize and transact with their own off-chain assets
MilestoneQ4 2018Full Decentralization
Jibrel DAO is launched and the network begins full decentralization (Project Pinocchio)