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Zeex is tackling crypto's biggest challenge-buying products and services. Through our sister Zeek, we have relationships with 350+ global brands and offer a seamless exchange of crypto to virtual gift cards, enabling shopping with crypto!

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Start Date
May 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
June 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
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Guy Melamed photo
Guy Melamed
Guy is a product strategist and relentless entrepreneur. He has already contributed to the success of GreenRoad, a major player in commercial fleets and connected cars, as its CPO and Head of Strategic Partnerships. He also founded Toontok, an engaging animated-messaging startup, which he led as CEO. As VP of Product and Solutions Design at Ginger Software and Time to Know, a provider of learning materials for the digital classroom, Guy further deepened his expertise in these dynamic fields. In his free time, Guy indulges his passions for surfing, contemporary art, film and extreme sports. Guy holds an MA in Communications from the University of Amsterdam.
Ziv Isaiah photo
Ziv Isaiah
Ziv is a co-founder and the CTO of His expertise in software architecture and product strategy are the product of his vast experience at high-tech companies such as ECI Telecom, Check Point, Cellglide and Imagine Communications. Prior to Zeek, Ziv served as the CTO of Ginger Software. Ziv holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Physics from the renowned Interdisciplinary Excellence programme at Tel Aviv University.
Apan Amos Damri photo
Apan Amos Damri
CMO Apan has 15 years of expirence as an online-marketing expert and enterprenuer. He has led gobal marketing operations for top-tier companies in the world's most competitive markets. Apan co-founded Operad, one of Israel's leading online marketing agencies, and infogamy, an early analytics solution that closes the loop between online marketing and offline sales.