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A.I. and Robots trade better than humans. is an open-source platform where teams of developers and A.I. data scientists can make algorithms which private everybody can use to trade.

From the start on July 15, already over 20.000 teams of developers and A.I. data scientists are participating, now growing with 1200 teams a day.

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  • Category Machine Learning & AI
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Switzerland
Trading & Investing
Start Date
August 8th 2018 12:00 UTC
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November 30th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Stefan Bijen photo
Stefan Bijen
I'm a White Hat hacker, falcon sharp - hunting for leaks in systems, eyes always scanning for platform perfection. Fixing that glitch, those steps too many is my game. And, I don’t stop playing until I’ve tweaked the code to resolve - ironing out every single kink. I earnt my top-of-the-leader-board platform building stripes from years working on game engine programming – leading builds at highly sucessful start-ups in both Europe and Asia.
Colin Groos photo
Colin Groos
A salesman by nature, I’ve developed several successful platforms and innovative websites; winning entrepreneur of the year in 2018 with our business Bootzeil. I believe the key to success is blending development, marketing, economics and new technologies (Blockchain, Algorithms, and Cryptocurrencies) to bring sales to a whole new level, to create the very best form of revenue.
Michiel Stokman photo
Michiel Stokman
I continue where others stop. Seeing possible where others see problem. I’m able to generate multiple successful ideas at a time and get most excited when an idea disrupts established methodology to create big impact. This all began when I became the first internet headhunter in the Netherlands. I look convention in the face until I find a way to jam around it to make that new idea the new normal. So too with RevenYOU
Anita Kwakman photo
Anita Kwakman
Project Manager
In one word (that I made up myself because one didn’t exist)… I unburden. I delete the pain and pile on the pleasure. That’s what I’ll be doing for all RevenYOU events. I can do this because I love the composing bit. The bit that heaps of people shy well away from because it’s chaos before it’s calm success. I love to orchestrate – mixing marketing, communication and media skills into one perfect harmonious whole. One that has a booming bass, a moving melody and huge, trickily spoonfuls of the soul. One that has people wanting to listen to more. Yes, you’re invited!
Swati Bhalla photo
Swati Bhalla
Digital Marketing Expert
I am a Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert who leverages initiative and resourcefulness to deliver excellence in meeting the business objectives. Some of my key achievements: Transformed a relatively non-existent social media profile into an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, and Instagram and other valuable social media channels. Built email database from 1,100 to 3,200+
Maeder Christian photo
Maeder Christian
Tax Expert Attorney
Christian Maeder (Reichlin Hess). They call me a highly respected lawyer in the field of tax law and recently blockchain and crypto-projects. Admitted to the bar in the Canton of Zurich (Switzerland) in 2012 I became a Swiss Certified Tax Expert in 2017. Often sought out for advice, I supported blockchain projects in various industry sectors by ensuring their regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, and tax optimization. With my broad network of experts in the crypto-industry, I can ensure a successful and strong foundation of the ITO in Switzerland.