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Xsure is a decentralized risk management platform that facilitates real-time communication between insurance providers and the end customer. With the help of machine learning and blockchain trust-less governance technologies we have managed to eliminate third parties from the whole insurance life-cycle and turn it into a dynamic process instead of a static one. 

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Internet of Things
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Marius Geru photo
Marius Geru
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Computer science graduate and a PhD Marketing student, Marius believes that disrupting the insurance industry with the aid of blockchain technologies is the only way forward.
George Huidumac photo
George Huidumac
Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Marketing and optimization research specialist with a degree in Economics, George encompasses all the knowledge necessary to manage every operational aspect at Xsure.
Cosmin Stamate photo
Cosmin Stamate
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Research & development specialist with academic and industry experience in Deep Learning, is currently finishing his PhD at Birkbeck, University of London.
Andrei Boghiu photo
Andrei Boghiu
Digital Communication Specialist
Eager to explore and exploit digital marketing strategies on the blockchain using his Computer Science degree, Andrei acts as the communication expert on our Social Media channels.
Alex Zamfir photo
Alex Zamfir
Customer Service Specialist
With both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Alex is the only right choice as our customer service Representative.
Ionut Vlad photo
Ionut Vlad
Senior Graphic Designer
The visionary of the team who added the stand-out touches to Xsure, turning it from a product into an identity.
Andrei Aschiopoaei photo
Andrei Aschiopoaei
Graphic Designer
A Creative thinker with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Andrei lent his design ideas to the finalisation of our platform.
Cristina Ghinet photo
Cristina Ghinet
Creative Director
An innovator with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the Graphic Design field. She is the co-founder of her very own marketing and advertising company.
Noemi Tavitian photo
Noemi Tavitian
PR and Communication Strategist
An artist at heart, Noemi is a Creative Writing and American Studies graduate and also the creative lead at Xsure.
Veronica Cucuiat photo
Veronica Cucuiat
Platform Manager
A Phd Graduate at UCL, Veronica brings her expertise to the Xsure team. She is responsible for both the 'AI in Education' (the UCL Knowledge Lab reading group), and the UCL School Research Competition.
Keimi Okamoto photo
Keimi Okamoto
Platform Developer
Our platform developer is a seasoned software engineer with many years of experience developing anti-crime compliance system. Also a Birkbeck graduate, Keimi has a MSc in Comp Science.



Xsure Token Distribution

  • Insurance Reserves26,250,000 XSR35.00%
  • Development Team15,000,000 XSR20.00%
  • Team and Founders11,250,000 XSR15.00%
  • Marketing and communication11,250,000 XSR15.00%
  • Legal3,750,000 XSR5.00%
  • Operations3,750,000 XSR5.00%
  • Advisors3,750,000 XSR5.00%


Why is your company going to succeed?

We envision our insurance platform will be received as a revolutionary by-product of the imminent progress of technology. Artificial Intelligence is on everyones lips at the moment and our tech-savvy team based the Xsure project on this very concept.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The founders of Xsure met in London, predictably, at a conference aimed at young professionals looking to connect over their shared interest in Blockchain. There, they connected over their mutual disatisfaction with the insurance industry.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Insufficient promotion
Global cryptocurrency volatility