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The Future of Building Materials - Available Today

A combination of patent-pending technology, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots have given birth to the next generation of building materials. XMaterials aims to disrupt the construction industry, introducing revolutionary replacements for traditional building materials. XMaterials has created recipes for building materials that are stronger, more affordable, faster, longer lasting, and more eco-friendly than standard building materials.

  • Category Machine Learning & AI
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Cayman Islands
Start Date
September 25th 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
March 31st 2019 12:00 UTC
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United States
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Svetlin Savov photo
Svetlin Savov
With over twenty years of work experience, Svetlin Savov is an expert in the field of economics. His skills and interests in accounting and finance have led him to his current position as the manager at Intellihouse LTD.
Horst Siewert photo
Horst Siewert
Chief Production Technology Officer
Horst has over thirty years of experience working in the industry of material engineering, both as Manager and a Consultant. He has overseen projects to standardize the recipe and preparation of raw materials, as well as consulted on various projects involving material technology innovation and production. As the Director of Production at ROCA in Bulgaria, Horst supervised the construction of a new production facility and the installation of new production technology. Horst is a native German-speaker with advanced knowledge of English and Bulgarian, and some knowledge of French and Russian as well. Horst is highly skilled in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and is adept with Lotus Notes.
Todor Totev photo
Todor Totev
Chief Business Development Officer
Todor is a passionate believer in holding high standards for product quality and client service. With a rich background of experience as both a Managing Director and a Consultant, Todor’s knowledge of project management is extensive and diverse. With over twenty years of experience as a Manager and a Consultant, Todor’s management style focuses on providing solutions and services that deliver significant value. Todor’s leadership favors target-oriented teamwork and structured proceeding for problem analysis and solving. As the Managing Director and owner of BEK Stroj LTD, Todor oversaw the expansion of the company to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in 2014, and supervised multiple electrical installation and automation projects. A lover of languages, Todor speaks his native Bulgarian and is proficient in English, German, Russian, and Spanish as well. He is skilled in all Microsoft software systems, Lotus Notes, and the design and drafting software AutoCAD.
Georgi Ivanov photo
Georgi Ivanov
Chief Lab Officer
Georgi Ivanov is a Manager at Beton Project Ltd. He began his professional career as managing director at ZSK-Devnya PLC in 1997. Between 2004 and 2014 he ran as general manager the concrete production and distribution business for Devnya Trade Ltd in the entire Varna region. His professional skills include product research, development and marketing as well as several innovations in the field of production of concrete and ultra-high performance concrete. From June 2014 as a manager at Beton Project Ltd he started to develop an experimental program for production of high and ultra-high performance concrete. He graduated from the Spanish Language school in Varna in 1990 and after that Technical University Varna in 1996 with Master’s degree in electrical power supply and electrical equipment. Georgi is fluent in Spanish, speaking, reading, and writing. Georgi is adept with many industry specific software and computer systems, including proficiency in PLC programming..
Ivan Todorov photo
Ivan Todorov
As the owner of BozoSoft Ltd since its creation 17 years ago, Ivan Todorov is an expert in management and business strategy. With an early interest in mathematics, Ivan attended the High School of Mathematics in Varna, Bulgaria, where he obtained his secondary degree. Ivan went on to pursue his master’s degree at the Technical University of Varna. Ivan’s passion for entrepreneurship has driven his career as the owner of BozoSoft Ltd. He specializes in business development and account management at his company, and is highly skilled in both HTML web design and the C programming language.


Mihail Kamburov photo
Mihail Kamburov
Communications Advisor
With his years of experience in the financial services industry, Mihail Kamburov is an expert in wealth management operations. Knowing from an early age that his career aspirations would lead him to an international market, Mihail chose to attend secondary school at the Joan Ekzarh Foreign Language High School in Varna, Bulgaria, with a focus on the English and German languages. Mihail went on to attend the University of Economics in Varna, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance and Financial Management Services.
Peg Reed photo
Peg Reed
Peg Reed is a veteran of the foreign exchange trading industry and a former adviser to the BANKEX project. Currently, she is the COO of FDC Tech. She has spent many years in senior positions at Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, IBFX and Gain Capital. She is also known for being part of the team that launched Hotspot FX in 1999, a move that helped shape the modern foreign exchange trading market. As a top manager, Peg Reed has played a key role in the formulation and realization of the market and marketing strategies of well-known forex companies like GFT/Gain Capital, IBFX and Hotspot/Knight Securities. Now, Peg Reed serves as Chief Operating Officer at the Forex Development Corporation. Her responsibilities include expanding the company’s customer base and its global presence. She is also a member of the Dispute Resolution Committee of the Financial Commission.
Dan Foley photo
Dan Foley
Dan Foley is the CEO and co-founder of Tailored Ink and its subsidiary, Tailored ICO, a marketing and business development agency focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. He and his team have contributed to numerous ICO projects, including Permian, New York Real Estate Coin, XResearch, PATRON, and Loyakk, among others. He specializes in the strategic messaging needed to carry crypto projects forward to success. An award-winning copywriter, he has written for Fortune 500 companies, budding startups, and everything in between. Some of his credits include Google, Goodwill, Scholastic, Forbes, Thrillist, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He earned an American Web Design Award for his copywriting on the American National Bank website. An avid blogger, he is known for his personal project The New York Sandwich Project.
Han-Gwon Lung photo
Han-Gwon Lung
Han-Gwon Lung is the proud Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Tailored Ink and Tailored ICO. He has served as a marketer or advisor for over ten ICOs, including Permian, New York Real Estate Coin, XResearch, PATRON, and Loyakk, among others. He was the first hire at Prose Media, and got his agency chops at places like The Writer and The Economist, where his team won Best Overall Content Solution (Gold) at the 2015 Content Council Pearl Awards for their Empowering Business campaign. Han’s CEO ghostwriting has been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Content Marketing Institute, Convince & Convert, Kissmetrics, and Moz. A fiction writer at heart, he is very glad he didn’t go to medical school after graduating from Amherst College, and thinks everyone should do what they love
Roger Crook photo
Roger Crook
Roger is an entrepreneur, disruptor and independent strategic advisor in FinTech, LogisticsTech and Logistics , blockchain ICO’s and cryptocurrencies. He is also CEO Capital Springboard a fintech startup in Singapore, strategic advisor to private equity in Europe and Asia and a board advisor to several startup companies in Americas, Asia, and Europe in FinTech and Logistics Technology with a focus on disruption. He was formerly a Member of the Board of Management, Deutsche Post AG (DeutschePost DHL a Dax 30 listed company) and Global Chief Executive Officer, DHL Global Forwarding & Road Freight Division from 2011 until 2015. The division had revenues of around €15 billion, with approximately 45,000 employees and operated in more then 200 countries and territories.

XMaterials Token Distribution

  • Public1,176,000,000 XMAT STO84.00%
  • Team112,000,000 XMAT STO8.00%
  • Treasury70,000,000 XMAT STO5.00%
  • Advisors42,000,000 XMAT STO3.00%


Why is your company going to succeed?

Leveraging our franchise model, we have the opportunity to disrupt a $600 billion industry. We would be the providers of technology, the standard by which the majority of building materials are developed in the future. As we would be taking a percentage of every cubic meter produced, we have the potential to grow at an exponential rate.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The team members have worked on several engineering projects throughout Europe together, but came together specifically to create this AI and machine learning technology.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

- Currency Exposure - is a risk for every project, that is why during the ICO any proceeds are liquidated daily by our licensed custodian. In that way market movement risk is limited only to the hours between the receiving of the funds and the end of day settlement by the custodian.
- Convincing traditional businesses to embrace a new model - the building industry is sometimes not so open minded, but now it is required to just use the better, cheaper solution.
- Patent protection - is hard, that is why all the components of our technology are designed to work only together and only with the centralized DB and recipe generator. Cheap, shared with everyone, while hidden - the power of blockchain.
- The stigma of Bulgaria - Our Swiss-Bulgarian-German team managed to turn this into advantage utilizing the very cheap land and R&D opportunities in Bulgaria making our invention possible.
- A bear market - while current crypto currency market could affect the ICO the future value of our security token is backed up not only by the value of the technology, but also by the demand for tokens that will be used by franchisees to pay for license and volume fees.