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The Future of Building Materials - Available Today

A combination of patent-pending technology, AI-generated recipes and machine-learning robots have given birth to the next generation of building materials. XMaterials aims to disrupt the construction industry, introducing revolutionary replacements for traditional building materials. XMaterials has created recipes for building materials that are stronger, more affordable, faster, longer lasting, and more eco-friendly than standard building materials.

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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Cayman Islands
Start Date
September 25th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
November 25th 2018 12:00 UTC
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United States
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Svetlin Savov photo
Svetlin Savov
With over twenty years of work experience, Svetlin Savov is an expert in the field of economics. His skills and interests in accounting and finance have led him to his current position as the manager at Intellihouse LTD.
Mihail Kamburov photo
Mihail Kamburov
Communications Advisor
With his years of experience in the financial services industry, Mihail Kamburov is an expert in wealth management operations. Knowing from an early age that his career aspirations would lead him to an international market, Mihail chose to attend secondary school at the Joan Ekzarh Foreign Language High School in Varna, Bulgaria, with a focus on the English and German languages. Mihail went on to attend the University of Economics in Varna, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance and Financial Management Services.
Horst Siewert photo
Horst Siewert
Chief Production Technology Officer
Horst has over thirty years of experience working in the industry of material engineering, both as Manager and a Consultant. He has overseen projects to standardize the recipe and preparation of raw materials, as well as consulted on various projects involving material technology innovation and production. As the Director of Production at ROCA in Bulgaria, Horst supervised the construction of a new production facility and the installation of new production technology. Horst is a native German-speaker with advanced knowledge of English and Bulgarian, and some knowledge of French and Russian as well. Horst is highly skilled in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and is adept with Lotus Notes.
Todor Totev photo
Todor Totev
Chief Business Development Officer
Todor is a passionate believer in holding high standards for product quality and client service. With a rich background of experience as both a Managing Director and a Consultant, Todor’s knowledge of project management is extensive and diverse. With over twenty years of experience as a Manager and a Consultant, Todor’s management style focuses on providing solutions and services that deliver significant value. Todor’s leadership favors target-oriented teamwork and structured proceeding for problem analysis and solving. As the Managing Director and owner of BEK Stroj LTD, Todor oversaw the expansion of the company to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in 2014, and supervised multiple electrical installation and automation projects. A lover of languages, Todor speaks his native Bulgarian and is proficient in English, German, Russian, and Spanish as well. He is skilled in all Microsoft software systems, Lotus Notes, and the design and drafting software AutoCAD.
Georgi Ivanov photo
Georgi Ivanov
Chief Lab Officer
Georgi Ivanov is a specialist in the design of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and dust control management systems in both commercial and residential buildings. Georgi developed his expertise first through secondary school at the Technical School of Electrical Engineering in Varna, Bulgaria, and later by earning a Masters in Heat Engineering at the prestigious Technical University of Varna.
Ivan Todorov photo
Ivan Todorov
As the owner of BozoSoft Ltd for over thirty-three years, Ivan Todorov is an expert in management and business strategy. With an early interest in mathematics, Ivan attended the High School of Mathematics in Varna, Bulgaria, where he obtained his secondary degree. Ivan went on to pursue his master’s degree at the Technical University of Varna.

XMaterials Token Distribution

  • Public1,176,000,000 XMAT84.00%
  • Team112,000,000 XMAT8.00%
  • Treasury70,000,000 XMAT5.00%
  • Advisors42,000,000 XMAT3.00%