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We created the fastest blockchain based contactless mobile payments solution with fully asset backed coins and no mining. By optimizing the core of cryptocurrency we match the transaction times of VISA. worlds first public listed company ICO

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Start Date
October 14th 2017
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End Date
October 28th 2017 23:59 UTC
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Henrik Onarheim photo
Henrik Onarheim
Operational Director
Henrik is Chief of Operations of New York listed American company NXChain Inc. (NXCN.QB), and the key technology inventor behind the Wyrify Concept, based on his experience from decades in the technology-driven part of the financial industry. Henrik is a visionary financial technology expert, former stockbroker and Founder of several internet/tech companies since the mid-1990s.
Thomas Wong photo
Thomas Wong
Chief Cryptology Officer
Thomas is the creator of several digital currencies (including the LXCCoin fixed-price currency used by Wyrify, and the Tentanium and four other digital currencies for Stockholm IT, a company listed on the Frankfurt Börse in Germany). He is a PCI payment security specialist, lecturer on IT and security technology, and is one of the highest ranked PCI approval signatories in Denmark.
Anthony Norman photo
Anthony Norman
Tony is the CEO (from previous ventures) and board member since 2011, and is the key director in charge of several sales networks created by the acquired company over the past years with specialties in corporate architecture, financial services and project management. Tony will continue as CEO of the combined company, promoting Wyrify in its existing network.
Kenneth Olin photo
Kenneth Olin
Platform Director
Kenneth is a former banker with experience from the time the banks brought their customers online, having advised and supported business clients on payment issues, followed by 10+ years as entrepreneur and consultant within international trading and remittance. Kenneth is the analyst and project manager for all payments related projects within NXChain.