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Rewarding for wellbeing

Wellmee is special. We bring a mobile application - built on AI and machine learning - to enhance the wellbeing of each user. On the other hand, it creates a unique ecosystem for employers and employees. Together with Wellmee tokens, it makes it possible for employers to reward the employees who use Wellmee app, because a happier person shows better results at work as well. These tokens are going to have plenty of value in real world marketplaces. In other words: Win – Win – Win situation.

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Drugs & Healthcare
Start Date
November 1st 2018 14:00 UTC
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November 30th 2018 13:59 UTC
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Milan Vlcek photo
Milan Vlcek
Founder & CEO
Milan has more than 10-year experience as project & operations manager managing projects mostly within Big4 and financial sector. Prior to his current position, he worked in a start up e-commerce sector, insurance industry and Deloitte Advisory. He is specialized in project management, PMO & expansion international management.
Petr Cvengros photo
Petr Cvengros
SW Engineer
Petr is alll-round Software Engineer and Technical Product Manager, experienced in both technical and customer-facing roles. Petr has proven ability to develop and manage products and tools to make customers more successful and internal users more productive. He has an expertise in business intelligence, agile development, rapid prototyping, business process design, cloud computing, including strong background in Computer Science.
Xavier Salazar Primo photo
Xavier Salazar Primo
Data Communication Specialist
Xavi´s main responsibilities in the field of Data communication covers: overall account management; providing technological solutions; revenue and margin generation based on opportunity selling, trading and reciprocal agreements; and business strategy development with other regional teams.
Klara Hluzova photo
Klara Hluzova
Klara is a Psychology enthusiast. She graduated in the field of Psychology and she is running her own consultancy business.
Tomas Brablec photo
Tomas Brablec
Experienced IT manager
Tomas is a Senior manager in IT. Holding the positions of Head of IT departments with the responsibilities both for operations and development.
Rebecca Trubac photo
Rebecca Trubac
Compliance & Internal Audit,
Rebecca has a proven record of expertise in internal audit and compliance. Her past covers also four years experience as a Senior Advisor at E&Y.
David Tadesse photo
David Tadesse
Employee Benefit Professional
David has been in the field of employee benefits from his graduation. As a Client Executive at Mercer Marsh he managed a large portfolio of clients - big corporations as well as medium enterprises.
Alex Farrow photo
Alex Farrow
Researsh lead
Alex works at the intersection of research, policy and journalism, attempting to improve the lives of young people through knowledge, training and expression. At Youth Policy Labs, Alex leads on consultancy projects, supporting national governments and UN agencies to design and implement youth policies,
Ariel Andersson photo
Ariel Andersson
Authenticity, Life & Conscious Business Trainer
Ariel is passionate about her work and life and the people she works with. Her high dream is to see all of us working with integrity to ourselves and others, using our natural gifts. Conscious life and business = staying aware of who you are, others and the environment around.



Wellmee Token Distribution

  • Community500,000,000 WLME50.00%
  • Growth and bounty300,000,000 WLME30.00%
  • Wellmee team180,000,000 WLME18.00%
  • Advisors20,000,000 WLME2.00%


  • Dec 2018

    After a successful ITO the dream come true - Development of the app starts! Wellmee team is complemented continuously and appropriately (mainly experienced Psychologists and world-class SW engineers)

  • Jan 2019

    Development and Ecosystem setup - Beta program of Wellmee app is continously released based on agile development; Foundations laid for functioning of the ecosystem for both Employers and Merchants

  • Jan 2020

    Wellmee 1.0 is released (by January 2020) - Available on iOS and Android; Covers the fundamental features; Pilot with the companies is done

  • Jan 2021

    Wellmee 2.0 is released (by January 2021) - Offering most of the key features; Operating with initial Employers and Merchants; First revenue is booked

  • Jan 2022

    Wellmee 3.0 is released (by January 2022) - Fully functioning app with all its necessary features; Having its regular users where numbers are exponentially growing; Recognized by all big companies on the market for its benefits


Why is your company going to succeed?

There is still a huge opportunity to use modern technologies for peoples’ wellness. There will always be a space to enhance wellbeing of every single individual. With the right approach we can focus on most of the important aspects and through personalized content in the app to provide the user of Wellmee app the most suitable content. Having the concept backed by rewarded studies from positive psychology, implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide to unique user unique content based on his or her personality and their needs.
In terms of employers – whether big global corporates or SMEs – they are all struggling to find the way how to make their employees more engaged. With Wellmee app their employees/users will have continually enhanced their wellbeing which will apparently positively affect their attitude at work as well. The merchants on the other hand will have another possibility how to sell their products or services while accepting Wellmee tokens as a payment.
Created business plan shows that the business model is not only feasible but also with this certain SaaS very profitable from fourth year on once there is released the Wellmee 3.0 app.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The team was originally created around the founder Milan Vlcek. His vision and continually improved business model attracted his former co-worker Petr Cvengros with whom he met at Deloitte Advisory. Third key person within the team is the advisor Jan Brejcha who was actually Milan´s thesis supervisor at the end of his studies at Charles University in Prague. Further on the idea attracted other people who were either former colleagues of mentioned people above, people from the networking or even former flatmates from the past :-)

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

1) Not fully used the potential of implementing AI for the app for wellbeing.
- Mitigation of the risk: Have a full and in-depth analysis of implementing AI in other SaaS projects so we overcome the failures which other companies had to solve.
2) Difficulties to finding right people in time.
- Mitigation of the risk: The research on the market already started.
3) The soft cap is set so there will not be needed any investments in first three years of the app development. The development might be more costly and therefore further investments in crucial initial period may be needed.
- Mitigation of the risk: To have a proper and continually updated budget allocation and P&L. Strict approach towards all costs.
4) Attracting employers and merchants to the network might face difficulties.
– Mitigation of the risk: Having highly skilled and experienced sales and business development colleagues. Plus having functioning and valuable application, obviously.
5) Cryptocurrency instability.
– Mitigation of the risk: Supporting other serious and professional projects within cryptocurrency world.