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WANKCOIN video thumbnailhttps://img.youtube.com/vi/YKfzdRIBA1I/0.jpg2018-05-16 17:47:54WANKCOINWankCoin is the oldest and most trusted crypto token in adult already. That’s because WankCoin began in 2014 and over the last 5 years the coin has become a valid form of payment at hundreds of the most popular adult sites online. This is a currency that is already in use, with a history of fair use and a very experienced team of technical experts helping it to become the industry standard.

Security. Simplicity. WANKCOIN.

WankCoin is the oldest and most trusted crypto token in adult already. That’s because WankCoin began in 2014 and over the last 5 years the coin has become a valid form of payment at hundreds of the most popular adult sites online. This is a currency that is already in use, with a history of fair use and a very experienced team of technical experts helping it to become the industry standard.

  • Category Events & Entertainment
  • Websitewww.wankcoin.com
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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November 30th -0001
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November 30th -0001
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Bradley Phillips photo
Bradley Phillips
Managing director
Bradley has positioned himself as a leading influencer in the online adult industry. With an unrelenting focus and commitment to exceeding user expectations, Bradley has successfully advised several of the brands you know and love. By implementing cutting-edge project management, skillful collaboration and time-tested biz dev techniques, Bradley strives to identify new opportunities and grow connections that strengthen WANKCOIN and facilitate widespread use of reliable cryptocurrencies.
Ivan Patel photo
Ivan Patel
As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and an evangelist for the potential of decentralized networks, Ivan has unquestionably been the driving force behind WANKCOIN. For over 20 years he has helped forge connections between investors and Startups with a focus on emerging technology and digital entertainment. His vision leads the WANKCOIN team and helps guide overall strategy and brand voice.
Dusty Savage photo
Dusty Savage
Dusty has specialized in secure payment processing and related best practices for nearly 20 years. He has helped define and advance several standards and common conventions still used across the online adult industry. Dusty continues to maintain critical relationships with other key influencers while staying on the forefront of new and exciting technology. As cryptocurrencies forge ahead and hit new milestones, Dusty remains committed to its further implementation.
Susan Villalobos photo
Susan Villalobos
Susan’s keen attention to detail and organizational skills keep WANKCOIN abreast of regulatory changes and emerging best practices. Her extensive experience in copyright, resolution compliance and corporate standards makes her an invaluable member of our organization. She helps WANKCOIN business units stay aligned with all applicable laws and regulations by successfully bridging the gap between legal, development and marketing team members.
Sarkis Avagyan photo
Sarkis Avagyan
By maintaining key relationships at associated forums, exchanges and communities, Sarkis sits at the cutting-edge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain advancements. He has effectively applied a rich background in finance, B2B support and corporate strategy to help guide the future of WANKCOIN. Sarkis provides valuable insights to the team and is responsible for maintaining important connections within the digital currency space.
Edward Daly photo
Edward Daly
Edward has been responsible for infrastructure and security for several high-volume adult brands and related networks. The lessons learned from years of valuable experience have allowed Edward to quickly and effectively implement, build and cultivate the system and security requirements needed to succeed in today’s online landscape. His keen technical skills and insight now converge on WANKCOIN to provide an accessible alternative to traditional payment methods and efficient blockchains.
Crispian Christopherson photo
Crispian Christopherson
Crispian has worked as the Creative Lead on many adult and non-adult brands. He has a keen attention to detail and can readily turn feedback into innovative solutions. His experience has allowed Crispian to successfully blend form and function to meet and exceed evolving user expectations and project requirements. His career has been dominated by a forward-thinking design philosophy, leading him to anticipate and influence trends for leading B2C and B2B networks alike.
Steve Bennett photo
Steve Bennett
Since 1998, Steve has been actively promoting and coordinating campaigns for a variety of online adult and gaming brands. Extensive experience with subscription based websites, webcam networks, online communities and affiliate marketing gives Steve an extraordinary perspective. A results-driven professional, Steve continues to apply key principles of conversion, user retention and engagement to promote brand growth within a variety of targeted markets.
David C. Bentley photo
David C. Bentley
David possesses a level of industry experience and technical knowhow that comes from his obsession with software development and network security. As an early adopter and evangelist of digital currencies, David has been a motivating factor in the early success of WANKCOIN. He has orchestrated the launch of high-volume video streaming and content sharing services and now he uses his expertise to safeguard and secure your wallet.
Teresa J. Wilson photo
Teresa J. Wilson
Customer care and quality control is paramount at WANKCOIN and is a critical component to the success of adult brands. Teresa is the dedicated first line of defense for any and all user-facing issues and routinely coordinates critical feedback to key stakeholders. Her attention to detail and refined communication skills allow Teresa to maintain the level of product quality and support that’s hard to recreate in adult or elsewhere.
Brian Hepburn photo
Brian Hepburn
Brian is an accomplished champion of best practices with nearly two decades of experience interacting with Publishers, CPA networks and affiliate programs. His commitment to community standards, advanced vetting and fraud prevention in customer-driven brands is simply unmatched in our industry. Brian continues to apply his commitment to quality support and industry knowledge to the sustainable growth of the WANKCOIN network.
William Wallace photo
William Wallace
William has used a wealth of advertising and media knowledge to successfully facilitate the growth of numerous brands and services in the online space. He has gained the trust of publishers and advertisers all over the globe by coordinating and implementing targeted campaigns that maximize ROI and brand growth. As part of the WANKCOIN team, William continues to expand our reach, champion cryptocurrencies and the WANKCOIN name.
Davin Montgomery photo
Davin Montgomery
Over the past decade, Davin has amassed an impressive array of programming and development skills. He sits on the cutting edge of software innovation and programming best practices and routinely applies his experience to architect and improve upon big data and real-time systems, AI development and other related backend networks. Davin has been an early proponent of the benefits of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the potential applications.
Tyler P. Clark photo
Tyler P. Clark
Tyler has worked at the forefront of digital media for almost 10 years. As user expectations evolve, Tyler pushes the boundaries of existing technology to exceed expectations in video, audio and virtual reality content. His keen eye for production standards, post-production and editing techniques help Tyler seamlessly blend technology and art into engaging digital experiences. He uses his unique insight and his own creative style to make the WANKCOIN brand come to life.
Douglas Ferri photo
Douglas Ferri
Douglas applies his knowledge of systems and network infrastructure with confidence and time-tested techniques. He is responsible for keeping the WANKCOIN team working at peak performance and maintaining stability and security within our network. Douglas is often the first line of defence for technical troubleshooting and applies his acquired knowledge and understanding in blockchain technology to support the rest of the team.
John Brown photo
John Brown
Since the late 1990s, John has evolved with and implemented key project management principles for a range of products and services. He routinely applies his expertise to help align teams, manage resources and communicate priorities to meet project deadlines. John has smoothly integrated scrum management and results-driven project management with popular digital entertainment and video game brands and now he sets his sights on crypto.
Marco Heinrich photo
Marco Heinrich
Marco has exhibited an uncanny ability to connect engaged audiences with products and services over social media. He’s helped redefine the concept of a brand ambassador and continues to establish connections with top social influencers. Marco bridges the gap between development teams, WANKCOIN policy and the cryptoverse by providing a conduit for valuable information, feedback and timely announcements.
William Guess photo
William Guess
William has been serving the legal needs of the adult entertainment industry for nearly a decade. His unique perspective and understanding of popular online brands mixed with his technical savvy build upon William’s legal skills and strengthen his arsenal. Since WANKCOIN’s conception in 2013, William has gone above and beyond to research, identify and anticipate the various legal hurdles synonymous with establishing and maintaining a successful cryptocurrency.
Robert Stone photo
Robert Stone
Robert comes from a new wave of modern developers. He has worked to integrate many leading-edge concepts to advance development procedures and improve productivity. Prior to joining WANKCOIN, Robert worked in social gaming with a focus on micro transactions. Since his transition to adult entertainment brands, he has applied key development ideals and standards to affiliate marketing networks, content management and related systems.
Adrienne Bell photo
Adrienne Bell
Adrienne has an unmatched dedication to maintaining quality support and communication. Her abilities to troubleshoot client concerns and efficiently coordinate resources for timely resolutions have been the backbone for each B2C and B2B brand she’s supported. As a member of the WANKCOIN team, Adrienne provides a knowledgeable and patient ear to WANKCOIN buyers and crypto enthusiasts in this rapidly changing landscape.
Camron Dillishaw photo
Camron Dillishaw
As an integral part of our technical research team, Camron draws from an impressive background in big data management, predictive modelling and programming. As he continues to apply his understanding of AI, data analytics and predictive analytics, Camron works to expand upon current principles of machine learning. His endeavors help identify new, practical applications in the cryptoverse and beyond.
Bobby Morrison photo
Bobby Morrison
Drawing from his experience as a Technical Video Producer and his extensive development background, Bobby brings valuable insight to our technical research team. He works to develop new algorithms to govern camera calibration and real-time sensor integration to drive new innovations in VR, AR, advanced interactions and related technologies. As a part of the WANKCOIN team he is focused on future projects and machine learning initiatives.
Antonio K. Rudd photo
Antonio K. Rudd
Antonio has acquired a unique and valuable set of skills during his career. With a background in video editing and digital media, Antonio has been responsible for the processing of hundreds of episodic and feature productions for a multitude of brands across the adult entertainment industry. While maintaining post-production and rendering standards, Antonio is responsible for meeting multimedia demands across the WANKCOIN / WANKZ network.
Henry Mulligan photo
Henry Mulligan
Henry has accumulated over 20 years experience in launching, building and consulting a wide range of companies and services. He’s been involved in consulting several ICO’s, Crypto marketing companies, and has been heavily invested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since the start of 2017. Henry brings with him a wealth of experience in brand marketing and strategy.
Dan Bradshaw photo
Dan Bradshaw
Dan turns creative vision into reality by pushing the envelope on design and development standards. He has an unrelenting focus on preserving and evolving the user experience using enriching content, logical infrastructure and responsive design. Over the past 10 years Dan has devoted his technical and visual design skills to high volume entertainment sites and trusted B2B brands alike and has been a part of the WANKCOIN team since its inception.
Sandra McLain photo
Sandra McLain
Sandra routinely leverages large amounts of data to drive growth, discover new opportunities and impact efficiency. Her experience handling and interpreting sensitive and proprietary data has helped many notable online brands reach critical benchmarks. As she continues her career her focus has transitioned into monitoring emerging cryptocurrency trends and WANKCOIN KPIs.
Bryan Brooks photo
Bryan Brooks
Bryan is an accomplished marketer with proven search engine optimization skills and a broad network of contacts that are being leveraged to propel WANKCOIN forward even further and faster. With many crypto coins available, it is essential to be able to communicate the goals, structure and methodology that makes WankCoin unique. Utilizing the tools and techniques he has developed over more than a decade as a leading marketer for many major brands, Bryan provides our team with an important skill set that will accelerate the growth and prosperity of WANKCOIN for investors.