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Wala is a financial platform with a mission to help people reach financial prosperity by eliminating the barriers to banking. Our goal is to close the gap that exists between consumers and financial service providers.

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December 1st 2017 18:00 UTC
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December 11th 2017 18:00 UTC
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Tricia Martinez photo
Tricia Martinez
Founder and CEO
Tricia is a serial entrepreneur and behavioral economist who has devoted her life to solving problems for underserved consumers around the world. Her experience ranges from cash transfer solutions in Africa to the development of an investment fund for underserved markets. Before Wala, Tricia worked with subsistence farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, which exposed her to the deeply rooted complexities, and barriers in the financial systems. With a background in behavioral economics, Tricia began testing incentives models as a means to influence financial behavior. From here, Wala was born.
Samer Saab photo
Samer Saab
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Samer is an engineer, serial entrepreneur, and former consultant with expertise in product development, analytics, and process excellence. Prior to founding Wala, Samer led the creation of a product that democratized design through a community-oriented system targeting low-tech consumers. His prior experience included consulting to large corporations across a flurry of functions including strategy, product development, process improvement, and incentive compensation. Samer founded Wala because of the belief that a simple, great product could solve one of the world’s biggest problems.
Ross McEwan photo
Ross McEwan
Chief Technology Officer
Ross has 17 years of experience building software solutions across a range of industries and technologies. He cut his teeth in retail, which included the digitization of payments and services. From there, Ross began engaging with clients in the FinTech space ranging from the design and development of security infrastructure to the development and deployment of a digital general ledger application framework. At Wala, Ross has created a product that seamlessly integrates third-party services and providers, and combines best-of-breed technology to deliver an engaging, scalable, flexible, and fault-tolerant solution.