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WaBi is the World's first crypto coin that engages consumers to combat counterfeits, backed by a real demand for safe products.

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Start Date
November 28th 2017 12:00 UTC
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End Date
December 28th 2017 12:00 UTC
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Alex Busarov photo
Alex Busarov
Former McKinsey & Co. consultant, Sales Director at a leading infant formula producer. Guided project development for Russia and China-based companies as an independent advisor. Graduate of the London School of Economics. Conversational in Mandarin Chinese.
Yaz Belinskiy photo
Yaz Belinskiy
Former consultant with Bain & Co., Business Development Manager at LP Amina. Extensive experience in consumer goods. Graduate of Oxford University and the London School of Economics. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
Kitty Xu photo
Kitty Xu
Marketing Director
Marketed semiconductor technologies for NXP, ARM and RS Components in Asia-Pacific and global, Business Consultant for Johnson & Johnson. Graduate of the Manchester Business School (MBA).
Chi-Tung ‘Duomo’ Pan photo
Chi-Tung ‘Duomo’ Pan
Sales Project Manager
Food Engineer. Former Sales Representative at TransGO, corporal in the Coast Guard and Google Local Guide. Graduate of the National Taiwan Ocean University and TAITRA.
Roman Tronenko photo
Roman Tronenko
Mobile lead / Blockchain Architect
Polyglot programmer and a seasoned Mobile Engineer with professional experience ranging from developing mobile solutions for Alibaba to designing and coding business systems for,, and Roman is a blockchain pioneer and enthusiast having started an open source blockchain-powered project that aims to connect tattoo masters, artwork and clients. He is active open source contributor and holds 2 Master Degrees in Computer Science from Harbin Engineering University and Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University. Fluent in Chinese and Esperanto.