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VOLT is a platform that allows centralized platforms such as Uber, to be developed in a decentralized manner and enables direct delivery through P2P. VOLT’s P2P model aims to eliminate brokerage fee by lowering direct costs to customers and messengers.

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Start Date
May 18th 2018 10:00 UTC
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End Date
June 7th 2018 09:59 UTC
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Philip Lee photo
Philip Lee
CEO & Founder
Philip Lee is the CEO and Founder of Volt Tech Ltd. He received his master’s degree from UCLA. Philip has made Quick Quick an online and offline service company that reduces the cost of last mile delivery by implementing Uber-style delivery system. Currently, VOLT (Brand: Quick Quick) is the largest last mile delivery service provider in Korea.
Sangchun Shim photo
Sangchun Shim
Dr. Sangchun Shim brought 30 years of his experience from KT (Korea Telecom). He was known as the ‘rainmaker’ at KT; He has an experience of managing and turning around 55 affiliates from total of $42million loss to 140million profit in mere 2y years’ time. Dr. Shim also spearheaded successful acquisition, value upgraded, and sale of “Kumho-Rent-Car”. The company was acquired at $300milion value and sold to Lotte Group at $1bilion in 2015. Dr. Shim received his MBA from George Washington University majoring in MSTI (Management of Science, Technology and Innovation) and earned PhD from Hanyang University.
Migyeong Gwak photo
Migyeong Gwak
AI Development Team
Ms. Migyeong Gwak is in charge of the big data collection and AI development of VOLT. She has an ample experience in App development in both Android and IOS platform. Ms. Gwak is pursuing her PhD in Computer Engineering from UCLA and has been developing tools for big data collection and analysis.
Josh Lee photo
Josh Lee
AI Development Team
Ji Hoon Lee majors in statistics and data management at Carnegie Mellon University. He has work experience at Stonebridge Capital within the VC (venture capital) division analyzing and evaluating previous successful investments to ensure further success. He is involved in data analysis and AI development.
Gyeongrae Cho photo
Gyeongrae Cho
Sales and Marketing Team Leader
Mr. Cho is our leader of VOLT’s sales team. He previously worked with Haitai Group, Pantech and Nokia in business analysis and sales. With his insights in technology, he is specializing in technology-based industrial sales. He graduated from Korea University with Engineering major.
Haewon May Byun photo
Haewon May Byun
Blockchain development team
Haewon May Byun graduated from the University of Manchester, continued her master’s degree at University of Oxford and graduate studies at Cornell University. With her expertise in research, she has worked for Yale University as a research associate, and is currently involved in VOLT’s Blockchain development team
Sungjin Lee photo
Sungjin Lee
Sungjin is in charge of global market and legal research in VOLT. Before joining the company, he worked at Kim & Chang, the largest and the foremost law firm in Korea, as a legal researcher. Sungjin Lee graduated from the Waseda University.