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You can share your car with around the world.

Hoping to bring great change to the economic ecosystem, BlocVehicle enables users to store and share data for their vehicles in a blockchain-based public ledger, which different people can use. And the contributors/users to this BlocVehicle network will receive VCL tokens, a medium of reward to pay services provided within the BlocVehicle’s ecosystem.

  • Category Infrastructure
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
Start Date
August 15th 2018
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End Date
September 14th 2018
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Changha Lee photo
Changha Lee
BlocVehicle CEO and Co-founder, CEO at Banet Information Technology
Lee is the CEO and co-founder of BlocVeichle and has passion for Blockchain system. He found “Banet” in 2000. He developed a large size of finance system and various security solution of database with 80 SW developers. “DataGenor” which he developed, is used around 200 major company’s DB security solution such as SAMSUNG, LG, AIG, Prudential Life Insurance and etc. Banet can be an important part of technology of PMO, Security, Back Office, and Blockchain system
Kj Choi photo
Kj Choi
BlocVehicle COO and Co-founder , CEO at COMPASS System
Choi is the co-founder of BlocVeichle and have passion for Blockchain system. He has experience for business management and has grown his own business. As a founder of COMPAS in 1994, Choi had experience of developing Car navigation board, CCD Camera board, Car DVR, Car High brightness LCD Module, and Car Display equipment. Semiconductor test device of AutoMax 3200 which was developed by Choi, is used in SAMSUNG. COMPASS System can be an important part of developing car IoT device for collecting car history data automatically.
Seongtae Kwak photo
Seongtae Kwak
BlocVehicle CTO and Co-founder , CEO at SOFTBase
Gwak found SOFTBase in 2002, and grew up to HCI(Human & Computer Interface) field of Technology-oriented enterprise. 4GL UI Development Tool “xFrame” which he developed, is used in 100 company from 25 countries such as SAMSUNG and CITIBANK. SOFTBase can be an important part of developing UI and Front Office.
Sungki Lim photo
Sungki Lim
BlocVehicle CMO and Co-founder, CEO at Adweb Communications
Lim is the co-founder of BlocVeichle and have passion for Blockchain system. He has experience for advertisement and SNS marketing for 15 years. He found Adweb Communities in 2004, and has conducted mobile advertisement more than 100, such as AIG, DB Insurance, Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Korean Air, Office of the Prime Minister, and Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs. Adweb Communities can be an important part of marketing and promoting.
Byoungchang Han photo
Byoungchang Han
Han had experience of developing enterprise business application and database in the field of security solution for 23 years. And also have experience of project manager. He participated in developing a large size of finance system and developed data security solution, which applied around 200 companies such as SAMSUNG, LG, AIG and etc. To provide user’s convenience, He will decide to construct the system and apply technology to various matters with H/W, S/W, Ethereum and IPFS.
Youngkeun Moon photo
Youngkeun Moon
Moon is expert in Java, Javascript, C, SQL, Database. He has an experience of developing system framework and data security solution in 23 years with analyzing, planning and consulting. He will decide the methods of project development, standardize the project, and supervise process of project
Dongil Kim photo
Dongil Kim
System Manager
Kim is a professional system expert who has over 20 years of enterprise network architecture design & build experiences and has a passion for Blockchain. He has lots of network system career in SAMSUNG, WOORI BANK, NONGHYUP BANK and so on. He has various skills related in C and network.
Yunho Cho photo
Yunho Cho
Project Leader
Passionate about Blockchain, Cho has 18 years of experience in IT and is product designer and project leader through software developer and database designer. He had designed of financial and telecommunication service system and Database Monitoring, CRM Marketing Solution, BI Solution for Visual analysis.



Jonghyun Shin photo
Jonghyun Shin
Advisor , Ex- Managing Director at LG CNS
Shin had various experience of conducting many projects in LG CNS for 30 years. Having around 6,000 employees and 30 billion USD sales, LG CNS is the best system development company in Korea with local corporation of China, Europe, America, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Columbia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. He conducted from LG CNS of the public/finance business executive director to LIG system CEO
Jeongkun Lee photo
Jeongkun Lee
CEO at Saltware
Lee found Saltware in 2003, and has conducted extra-large architecture system consulting with 90 SW developers and consultants. He provided “BIPS enView,” a Portal Solution, and Contents Streaming to around 100 corporations. He is a Global Partner with IBM, SAMSUNG, amazon, DELL. Having passion for Blockchain, he has confidence that the Blockchain technology can change the world.
Na Kuk Ju photo
Na Kuk Ju
Legal Advisor
Na has 20+ experience in law advisery in Samsung Economic Research Institute, Korea Ministry of Environment, Korea Environment and Resources Corporation, Korea Management Association, and Korea Venture Business Association. He will take our BlocVehicle’s law advisery.
Kwangshin Lee photo
Kwangshin Lee
Accounting Advisor
Lee is a CPA who has over 10 years work experience. He has experience for global business, and duty on COO & CFO in Enuri which has 6.5 million monthly users. As a Blockchain enthusiast, he researched the new study of legal application methods of Blockchain’s economic-ecosystem. He will be an important part of budget execution.
Wonsuk Lee photo
Wonsuk Lee
Professor of computer science at Yonsei University, in Seoul
Lee is an expert on the field of Big data, and passionate about Blockchain. Lee has duty of Member of deliberation committee of National Information Society Agency, Chairman of Big Data Division, National Informatization Forum. He graduated from Boston University and got doctor’s degree from Purdue University.
Hagbae Kim photo
Hagbae Kim
Professor of electrical engineering at Yonsei University, in Seoul
Having passion for Blockchain, he kept informing lots of young people about the pro-Blockchain world. Kim has duty on Center director of Yonsei University school of Foundation. He graduated from Seoul University and got doctor’s degree from University of Michigan.
Gyomoon Jin photo
Gyomoon Jin
Jin graduated from Seoul University of department statistics. He is a founding member of Cybertekholdings which is venture company for Cyber Security. He had experience in SAMSUNG Electronic CO, developing Sambo computer software, and marketing. He also had two times of experience of IPO with his own foundation company iVilleSoft which is the first online education in Korea, listed on KOSDAQ. He participated as an executive of Neungyule education and Time Education Holdings and as an initial investor of mobile and education business. Currently, he is a CEO at EZFARM that IT technology combine with agriculture. He has new challenged to combine IoT, Big Data, and Blockchain to agriculture.
Yj Kang photo
Yj Kang
Co-Founder and Advisor , CEO at ICK
Kang found ICK in 1994, and participated in various development of internet games. Also he developed Web, Mobile Testing Tool “Black Hound”. “Black Hound” is used as a standard to over 10 major company such as SAMSUNG, KB Bank. Kang will do technical advice in part of mobile application development.
Hwanhyo Park photo
Hwanhyo Park
Blockchain Technology Advisor
He graduated from Pohang University of Science and Technology. He had worked in Alticast as a technology manager for 15 years. From 2016, he became a CEO at Byclip to enforce the security of airbnb and others with developing smart home solution. He is an expert of Blockchain, who wants to make the world better through IoT and Sharing Economy
Giseong Kim photo
Giseong Kim
Automotive Industry Advisor
He has experience for car service business over 20 years as a car dealer, an used car installment/lease person and a seller for specialty sales of imported cars. He has conducted to prevent fake trades as CEO of DanamMotors. He has passion for Blockchain, who wants to make the car services industry business model to sharing economic-ecosystem of vehicle with Blockchain. He will do an important part of P2P car business model plan part.
Brian Heo photo
Brian Heo
Marketing Advisor
Heo found Roits.Nine in 2004. He has plentiful experience of Global Business. He has brisk trnasaction with Macally, Power7 Technology, Wall mart, SAMSUNG, LG. Roits.Nine have confident that most business will change to Ecosystem of BlockChain and they can be an important part of Global Business.
Seunghee Lee photo
Seunghee Lee
Marketing Advisor
Lee has conducted consulting ICO business with experience of online promotional & marketing blockchain technology.

BlocVehicle Token Distribution

  • ICO members400,000,000 VCL40.00%
  • VCL Pool300,000,000 VCL30.00%
  • Advisors, Early investors, Airdrop, Country Partner150,000,000 VCL15.00%
  • Founding Team150,000,000 VCL15.00%


  • Dec 2017

    Started project

  • May 2018

    Published white paper

  • Jun 2018

    Started pre-sale of tokens to early investors

  • Jul 2018

    Complete BlocVehicle's logical system diagram

  • Aug 2018


  • Sep 2018


  • Oct 2018

    Form promotional & regional partnership for Asian market

  • May 2019

    Complete 1st vehicle system

  • Jun 2019

    Form promotional & regional partnerships for U.S. & European markets

  • Jan 2020

    Complete 2nd vehicle system(Launch vehicle link service for used car providers

  • Jun 2020

    Complete 3rd vehicle system (Launch vehicle link service for car-sharing service providers


Why is your company going to succeed?

For 40~50 years, people mostly used Data Base Management System. A system that saves the user’s data, that favors the Admin. For example, when you save your car information in the DB of an insurance company, multiple people and companies can change your car’s information. If the insurance company uses Sybase to save and manage your information, both insurance company and Sybase have the authority to change “your” car’s information. Adding on, since the information is only saved in a single location; hackers can hack and change your car’s information. In conclusion, people have been using menacing and high-risk DBMS for 40~50 years. Unlike these companies, companies using Blocvehicle will use Ethereum as their DBMS instead of admin-favoring DBMS. We think this differentiation can create an equitable and fair system, which can lead to a P2P trade of cars between the Blocvehicle users. If the P2P trade of cars vitalizes, we believe that Blocvehicle cannot fail. Airbnb, a famous house renting service, is based on P2P trade. Therefore with safety and equitability provided, we believe that Blocvehicle will succeed based on the success of Airbnb.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

We do not have any technical difficulties because of our solid and knowledgeable team. Thus, we only have two major problems. The first major problem is disapprovals of countries. For example, Airbnb is a service sharing and lending houses without any intruders in between the trade. As can be seen, Airbnb has a similar platform and idea with Blocvehicle. However, there are some countries/regions where Airbnb is illegal. Thus, we think that those countries/regions - Barcelona, NYC, Paris, and more – have the potential to illegalize Blocvehicle. Addition to the first problem, we also think that these countries/regions can cause a negative effect on our advertisements. Since major cities or countries can ban Blocvehicle, we think that it can negatively affect our sales and advertisements. Although there are such problems, we will overcome the difficulties and problems.