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The TootyrToken creates a new dimension in online education. It increases incentives, improves value for users and token holders. TootyrTokens can also be traded on various exchanges for fiat. The TootyrToken also provides exposure to a massive base of potential new users. Tootyr is a tutoring and educational platform offering multiple ways to learn, motivate, and incentivize students, teachers, and parents, and is integral to the success of the entire education and economic ecosystem.

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Start Date
December 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
December 31st 2018 12:00 UTC
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David Blackmore photo
David Blackmore
CEO of Canada’s largest education/employment technology research projects 2009-12 - Recipient of Fellowship of Man Humanitarian Award. Former director of Ontario’s largest private music school. While I was the founding executive director of a $5 million Canadian government research project, I had the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the massive technological and social changes in the new world of education and work. With a dynamic team and coalition of organizations, we explored and tested new service delivery models for education and employment. These experiences and fascinating discoveries, along with my years as an educator and entrepreneur are the sources of inspiration for the founding and the development of Tootyr continues to evolve, embracing more subjects and delivery methods on its platform while developing new human-centered and incentivized educational programs utilizing blockchain technology and its own utility token for rewards and payments within Tootyr.
David Toporowski photo
David Toporowski
Chief Technology Officer
Before developing the TootyrToken and TootyrToken Crowd Sales contracts in early 2018, Dave was the lead developer for major Internet companies that achieved Unicorn status in only a few short years. Previously, Dave was a developer for various projects, most recently a scientific site requiring complex solutions. Over 15 years of experience specializing in programming, software design, database and web development in a variety of settings including children’s educational/gaming sites, the eReader/eBook industry, government agencies, web hosting companies and more. Gravitates or trends towards opportunities and companies approaching extreme growth and success and the challenges of providing the most optimal and secure infrastructure and underlying back and front end system need’s to meet the necessary demands to support it.
Sunill Kumaar photo
Sunill Kumaar
Chief Growth Officer
Created a responsive and market- driven organization resulting in increased bottom-line revenue from $1.3 million to $28 million in 3 years. Created an award-winning Mobile Tutor(E-Learning ) platform which has been successfully launched in over 20 countries. Opened new marketing channels and established strategic alliance and presence in Asia, Europe, Africa & middle east. Introduced successful new platforms & products in service delivery, DCB, IOT, mobile recharge, roaming, referral, digital advertising, health, education, classifieds, utility, sports, customer engagement, loyalty & betting with an overall subscriber base of 19 million. Scaled the company to high profitability through strategic and efficient restructuring. Made strategic investments in 3 companies – E-Learning, marketplace & IOT. Increased market share by 11% through Joint venture and multiple partnerships. Won over 10 RFPs from the leading telecom companies in the world for E-Recharge, Roaming products, health, CSMS, CMS & SDP.
Geoffrey Chen photo
Geoffrey Chen
Chief Marketing Officer
Digital marketing, payment systems design, the Ethereum Platform, custom coding, Fluent in Mandarin and English, Studied digital marketing and design at Ryerson University and graphic design at York University. Currently, a web and mobile-app developer focused on front-end, user-experience, and software product design, Geoffrey has worked on and released several enterprise-level applications being used today in Canada’s industries. Started as an intern with Tootyr, Geoffrey has since developed many of the features on the current Tootyr web app.
Madhu Kesavan photo
Madhu Kesavan
Mobile Development Officer
A former mobile app developer with Blackberry who now has also become an expert in iOS and Android apps, Madhu has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, operations, and decision analysis, Madhu has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand and craft the most suitable web and mobile solutions. Madhu comes up with results for mobile apps that are actually implementable. That is his strength compared to other software and blockchain developers. Before founding W2S Solutions in early 2001, Madhu completed an MBA at the prestigious University of Waterloo consider the Silicon Valley of North America. Currently, Madhu is Chief Technology Officer and Partner of Devolve a company transitioning physical software to mobile platforms. An expert in mobile app development with strong knowledge in agile methodologies and the relevant understanding in tools that delivers the best apps.