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TerraGreen Coin is a Blockchain-based Community & Crypto

     TerraGreen consists of a blockchain powered attempt for micromanaging biomass wastes from agricultural & forestry sectors which converts it to the renewable energy products through natural resources.

  • Category Energy & Utilities
  • Project Type New Blockchain
  • White PaperOpenOpen White Paper
  • Algorithm SHA-384
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  • Jurisdiction Malaysia
  • Masternode No
Start Date
January 21st 2019 12:00 UTC
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End Date
May 2nd 2019 22:30 UTC
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Restricted Countries
United States
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Brad lee photo
Brad lee
Founder & CEO
With background in research and development in power industry, Brad has extensive and specialised knowledge of all aspects of renewable energy, from project planning, design, construction, commissioning and its market and technologies. He is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for business growth in renewable energy sector world-wide. He is also one of the founding partners of Raub Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd and AVI Renewable Sdn Bhd.
Hannes Klobe photo
Hannes Klobe
Co-founder & CTO
Hannes has an extensive experience & knowledge in designing & commissioning for different gasification units. He specialises at process optimization and economical solution for each individual renewable energy project. He also has wide experience in state-of-the-art automatization of complex process system. Recent experience includes leading software teams and the development and implementation of large scale projects worldwide. He leads a team of experienced specialists who provide solutions for renewable energy. Latest technical developments, innovative designs and technical perfection are combined to create carbon-neutral plants.
P. Nahak photo
P. Nahak
COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
I am blockchain and cryptocurrency developer for world private and public blockchain, fork, exchange, trading and masternodes.I have good experience in Centralized and Decentralized Exchange and Trading, ICO, Presale, CrowdFunding, Fundraising and IPO. I'm good at web3, smart contract, ERC20, ERC223, Hyperledger, Corda, Kyber Network, Block Hash and Mining. I'm very familiar to build BTC, ETH, DASH, XRP, XMR, BCH and LTC. I have built and fork the own coins from our genesis block and determine the reward strategy. Moreover, I am a senior .NET and MEAN developer. I'm expert at design, development and maintenance of Web API, client/server, web based applications using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core 2, Flask and Node.js.
B. Viresh photo
B. Viresh
Define strategy to streamline technology roadmap, improve IT infrastructure efficiencies and increase product portfolio. IT Governance and enterprise technology management, cloud strategy and enterprise shared services. IP strategy, plan and execution. Emerging Technology Practice (ETP). Lead architect, provide the right offerings while optimising investments and Mitigate project delivery risks through implementation of standardised processes for solution architecture and software engineering efforts that leverage emerging technologies.
Sabina Abdul Aziz photo
Sabina Abdul Aziz
Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
Sabina has background in techno-economic evaluation of bioenergy systems. This includes biomass waste assessment, utilization of energy crop for power, large scale biomass transport and logistics, and simulation and modeling of biomass feedstock supply systems. She has also extensive experience in smart contract; dealing with utilities and government agencies for power purchase agreement.
Tengku Dato’ Nasruddin Tengku Ibrahim photo
Tengku Dato’ Nasruddin Tengku Ibrahim
Renewable Energy Trade & Economy Developer
With his vast experience in government and corporate sectors, Tengku Dato’ Nasrudddin has vast experience renewable energy trading, providing commercial advice to state governments, investment funds, energy players and energy traders. He is responsible for spreading renewable energy business and trading between regions.
Tejaswi P. photo
Tejaswi P.
UI / UX Designer
I continually test emerging tools and methods to find the most effective workflow. After years of designing and developing the interwebs, I know my PNGs, PSDs, CLI, Git, IA, UI, UX and UAT. My days are lived in white board sketches, flows, wireframes, mockups, wiki pages, test results, and of course Web Inspector. I admire multi-device strategy, design thinking, user testing, agile dev, and lean UX. I avoid vague meetings, hasty reactions and deadly scope creep.
Hiren Gamit photo
Hiren Gamit
Digital Marketing Expert
According to his headline, Hiren is an Author, Blogger, Digital Marketing Evangelist. This works well not only because it’s pithy and accurate, but also because it grabs attention and pulls you in with the novel term digital marketing evangelist. The term is great because it’s descriptive, but it’s also the title he uses in his role with Google. Beyond that, however, the headline piques interest, and this means somebody will keep reading, and that’s exactly what you want. A good headline should be unique, descriptive, and immediately set you apart from others.
Terry T. Robinette photo
Terry T. Robinette
Apps Developer
I am a mobile developer based in the UK with experience building powerful native mobile apps for Android. I hold a degree in Computer Science and have a special interest in computer vision and natural interface design. I'll work with you every step of the way to take your idea from the initial design stages through through to the successful launch of your finished app on the Google Play Store.
Tengku Sri Paduka Raja photo
Tengku Sri Paduka Raja
Tengku Paduka embarked into business, which initially entailed in harnessing state natural resources for sustainable energy development. He has been successful for the past three decades in developing various business portfolios. His vision is for government and corporate sector corporation towards utilizing biomass materials to generate renewable energy for industrial, commercial and household consumption within the country with minimal impact towards environment


Krystelle Galano photo
Krystelle Galano
Krystelle has more than 5 years of experience in social media management, such as facebook and twitter marketing. She also has 5 years of experience in crypto and blockchain areas and is a marketing advisor of various ico’s.
Benedict Okole photo
Benedict Okole
Benedict Okole, is an ardent speaker on cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, a passionate preacher of cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology adoption, and had served as a consultant to various institutions in Nigeria on how they can apply the new Technology in their organization. He is the COO of School of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Application, and also the COO of Cryptopayplus LTD.He holds a Bachelor of Arts [B A] Degree in history/ international Relations, from Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. He holds a certificate, in Certified Back Office Operations Professional [CBOP] from BPO Academy and Outsourcing Standard and Certification Institute New Jersey, USA.
Meshach Ishaya photo
Meshach Ishaya
Full stack blockchain Engineer at ,a cryptocurrency enthusiast and an expert advisor with AIO Rating.
Marie Victoria photo
Marie Victoria
Advisor for 1CO in 3 years till now. Been a business development manager for ICO reviewers in years. Had work for more than 10 ICOs uphill and recieved over 40+ ICOs to collab and projects. A leader expert in Bitcoin, Blockchains and Crypto.
Kerwin Cabreza photo
Kerwin Cabreza
Entrepreneur, Senior Board Level Management. Loves Start-ups. Specialties: Start-ups, Product Development, Product Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Technology. Managing Development & Sales Teams. Operations. Ability to recognise both the obvious & non-obvious values in new technologies also readily identify potential new business opportunities leveraged by the technologies very early their life cycle.
Joylin F. Telagen photo
Joylin F. Telagen
Joylin F. Telagen, is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and Certified Securities Representative, with 10 years combined experience in Audit, Accounting, Equity Research and Blockchain. She is one of the most sought Equity Research that appeared in local newspapers and television. An Ambassador of several ICO projects, bounty and community manager, blogger, translator, organizer of Philippines Blockchain Assets meetup and a volunteer local moderator of Bitcoin Garden and Moonforum.

TGN platform Token Distribution

  • Crowd sale108,000,000 TGN40.00%
  • Blockchain Development54,000,000 TGN20.00%
  • Reserve54,000,000 TGN20.00%
  • O&M expenses13,500,000 TGN5.00%
  • Team13,500,000 TGN5.00%
  • CSR10,800,000 TGN4.00%
  • Advisor5,400,000 TGN2.00%
  • Bounty5,400,000 TGN2.00%
  • Airdrop5,400,000 TGN2.00%


  • Q1 2018

    (Q1)- Planning of TGN blockchain technology (Q4) – Starting development of TGN platform -ICO Announcement, ICO Campaign targeting Social Media, Blockchain, Algorithm development - Proof of concept test, Presale, Patent process initiation - Main ICO, Coin Distribution, Market Recognition and Expansion Strategy, - Partnering with Energy manufacturers, Industry tie ups - TerraGreen Centers Review Report and Model Revision

  • Q1 2019

    (Q1) – Project Implementation -ICO Closing & KYC verification - Platform Development, Finance Disclosure and Annual Report, Finance - Protocol development for first Deployment - Test Net Launch, Trial Verification, Overall System Integration, Alpha release - Prototype Pre-deployment Testing - Initiation, Iterative Revision Implementation and Verification - Final Design Reveal, First Deployment in the Industry (Q2) - Launching of Wallet - Web Wallet - Mobile Wallet (Android & iOS) - Blockchain Platform (Q3) –TGN listing on various popular cryptocurrency exchanger - Own Exchange platform - (Q3) –TGN Blockchain platform Can be implemented in Renewable energy and various other sectors like Banking, Finance, IT, Agriculture, Education & Healthcare (Q3) – Cultivation Operating - Man power - Harvesting - Maintenance

  • Q1 2020

    (Q1) – Dividend Declaration (Q1) –Aspects for financing power plant proposed by IPP -Due diligence of project -Hiring consultants for project monitoring -Equipments sourcing (Q1) -- Starting Development of own programming language (Q2) – Fund dispersals for financing power plant by IPP (Q3) – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Q4) - Code Testing and Trial of Programming language

  • Q1 2021

    (Q1) - R&D on activated carbon (Q2) – Terragreen Utility Platform -Finalize Programming Language beta version

  • Q1 2022

    (Q1) - implementation of pilot plant for activated carbon (Q2) – Development of programming language - Code writing - Debugging & Machine readable (Q4) – Development of token creation platform - Coding module - Debugging module - Publish module