TELEPORT (TPT)Gold Project

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NEVERDIE coins & Teleport Tokens will provide a complete Ethereum blockchain governance platform that empowers players to shape the future of their worlds with a decentralized transparent democracy allowing for a symbiotic relationship between players and developers.

  • Category Gaming & VR
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
June 30th 2017
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End Date
August 31st 2017
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We have created a very basic proof of concept wallet to get NEVERDIE coins functional. Our wallet gives you full send/receive control of your NEVERDIE coins through MetaMask, Parity & the Mist Browser. It also unlocks the ability to acquire a wide variety of essential monetized gaming tokens, items and attributes.

TWITCH integration allows you to exchange NEVERDIE Coins and other top tier ERC-20 tokens between yourself and other streamers while watching streams inside the wallet.

The NEVERDIE wallet also has added send/receive/store integration of the top ERC-20 tokens available including GOLEM, GNOSIS & FIRSTBLOOD

Try the the wallet here