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Sunx is crypto/Fiat exchange ecosystem, with a mission to empower investors financially, given returns of up to 3-10% interest with our advance algorithm & app usage.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • Jurisdiction Nigeria
Start Date
July 20th 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
August 31st 2018 12:00 UTC
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Is an outstanding entrepreneur, she is a graduate of entrepreneurship and business study at Bayero University Kano. She is a blockchain researcher, CEO, and founder of oscacrytology which started 2015, a cryptocurrency based investment company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission She has participated in the capacity of partnership, with various ICOS, she is currently heading the SUNX ICO, In personality, she is a role model. She works with the zeal of empowering the youths around the world.
Frank Basco is a Community manager at ICO marketing / Moderator Admin of Telegram, Marketing strategies of ICO, sunX marketer, Frank has gathered experience from challenging but a successful project he has worked for, he is a team worker.
Sumit Kumar Pradhan photo
Sumit Kumar Pradhan
A proficient community manager, bounty Manager, with a deep understanding of blockchain applications. Sumit is leading the charge to share a wealth of information and valuable ideas from the SunX Platform with a wider global audience of Crypto Community. As SunX Community Manager, Sumit will create the social media community to enable SunX to soar and achieve maximum potential. A blockchain community specialist, Sumit has tended to the needs of multiple ICO communities, with notable successes such as his role as the CM for MATRIX AI. Sumit is also the CEO of 365ezone, a web hosting company he co-founded after attending the Indian Institute of Planning and Management in New Dehli, India. Sumit's many accomplishments will prove invaluable to the marketing success of SunX.
Amira Khan photo
Amira Khan
Security Advisor
Amira Khan assistant of TOP ICO Advisors from CIS countries- Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Baltic states, Top marketing and legal consulting. ICO marketing, ICO promotion, linked in promotion, ICO Advisor, bounty Advisor.I'm ICO expect from Russia(marketing and bounty program) in a big team with ICO Advisors, lawyers, and other experts.
Gellie Anne Martin photo
Gellie Anne Martin
Social Marketer
Gellie Anne Martin is a social media marketing expert, She is passionate about helping SunX to grow through creative marketing and standing out on social media by creating content which is helpful for SunX audience. She manages lots of social media accounts to gain more followers, likers and also the customer for SunX. Gellie start as a crypto trader and miner two years from now. And she worked with other successful blockchain projects in the cryptocurrency industry.


Tanmoy Majumder photo
Tanmoy Majumder
Project Manager
Is the Head of Development at Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. He is professionally qualified in web development with special expertise in Salesforce. He heads the team who are equally qualified that develop a range of software, websites and mobile applications for their clients
Partha Gorai photo
Partha Gorai
Lead Sunx Platform Developer
Is a developer at Swadesh Softwares Pvt Ltd. Professional and perfectionist in his work. He handles all the projects skillfully, as well as designs, Gorai developed various applications that are of industry standard.
Baishakhi Mukherjee photo
Baishakhi Mukherjee
Project coordinator
Is the project coordinator at Swadesh Softwares Pvt.Ltd. She is a proficient and responsible coordinator and therefore she skillfully manages the task of coordination between the clients and developers.
Bogdan Fiedur photo
Bogdan Fiedur
smart contract developer
Bogdan Fiedur is a smart contract developer, crypto-investor, entrepreneur and President of . He has over 20 years of IT experience in building e-commerce websites and has been involved in blockchain development during last 3 years. He is also an ICO adviser working with 20 successful ICOs to date and deeply involved in offering presentation and workshops on blockchain and smart contract programming in his local crypto community of Winnipeg. Bogdan now focuses on the Blockchain industry and offers advice, consulting services and connections to Blockchain experts. Most recently Bogdan has co-founded ‘Bitjob’, a freelancer blockchain platform for students and participated in several ICO projects as a team member. e.g. Through these projects Bogdan acquired intimate knowledge with inner-workings of ICO development from conception to execution.