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Starflow is a blockchain-powered ecosystem for the influencer economy. The platform consists of a commercial network between creators, brands, value & service providers and consumers. We are an open platform, where we put the rights and incentives of each individual first. By giving back the value to the creators, we will maximize their short and long-term incentives and thereby outgrow existing propriety platforms towards a better capitalism.

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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
Commerce & Advertising
Data Analytics
Art & Music
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David Gabor photo
David Gabor
Despite his age, David has more than 8 years of experience from entrepreneurship within design and development of disruptive digital products. At Starflow, David uses his past experience and UX/UI design and development skills to lead the visionary work alongside with the product development that brings the visions to life. At age 20, David has already raised over $3M to Starflow to bring his vision to the world.
Ludvig Eriksson photo
Ludvig Eriksson
For almost a decade Ludvig has been an integral part of building successful companies in the finance sector from scratch. At Starflow, Ludvig is using his skill set to ensure that Starflow’s great visions are transformed into action, by focusing on running the organization as effectively and qualitative as possible.
Johan Sellström photo
Johan Sellström
Technical Advisor
Johan is a highly experienced developer and architect with a number of successful ventures in his portfolio. From previous engagements, he’s built an impressive network ranging from tech to BD. At Starflow, Johan provides innovative ideas and knowledge through tech, leaning on agile best practices from several blockchain projects since 2014.
Johan Stael von Holstein photo
Johan Stael von Holstein
Early backer & Advisor
Johan is a notorious serial entrepreneur who has spent 20+ years challenging the status quo of numerous industries through digital innovation. At Starflow Johan is working with David by mentoring him and sharing his experience and network, helping to pave way for Starflow to become a true industry leader and success story.
Hugo LePrince photo
Hugo LePrince
Marketing & Sales Director at Starflow
I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a true passion for building brands. At the age of 14 I started creating and selling stuff such as digital ads, product design and physical goods.

Starcoin Token Distribution

  • ICO200,000,000 STAR50.00%
  • Rewards Program100,000,000 STAR25.00%
  • Team50,000,000 STAR12.50%
  • Advisors50,000,000 STAR12.50%


Why is your company going to succeed?

We have a dedicated team with a lot of experience that all strive to do the best work possible.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The company was originally formed by David Gabor three years ago and team members and advisors have since joined along the way.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

1. There are similar concepts out there.