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World’s Most Realistic Social VR Universe

The STARAMBA.Token is the digital branded currency for STARAMBA.spaces, the world's most realistic Social VR Network for stars and brands from the worlds of Sport, Music and Entertainment. STARAMBA.spaces is unique because of its exclusive partnerships, the high-tech 3D scan hardware and the fact that Staramba is a listed stock-corp.

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Start Date
June 20th 2018
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End Date
July 25th 2018
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Christian Daudert photo
Christian Daudert
CEO of STARAMBA / 20+years within the sporting sector, Degree in Economics and Capital Markets
Conny Cheng photo
Conny Cheng
Game Designer
8 years of extensive international work experience, with adaptive understanding of diverse cultural and business practices. Shipped AAA game title Final Fantasy XV – Pocket Edition for Square Enix’s world-renowned franchise. Participated in various projects for pre-production, development and live operation as a key contact of content realization as well as questions regarding the free-to-play market trends, in particular, knowledge of the user demands between East and West. To secure a successful product, she has the high-level scope of the pipelined process and the cross-market know-how to retain the users.
Marc Kneifel photo
Marc Kneifel
As the executive partner and technical head of a Berlin-based software incorporation, Marc Kneifel has been leading software teams for clients from the automotive, mobility and logistics industry for a decade. Today his expertise in the fields of software architecture, process automation, and sensor technology is the driving force behind Staramba's full-body scanning systems and the cloud-based post-production and body measurement pipeline for VR, fitness and fashion products. Marc Kneifel studied computer science at the University of Potsdam (also at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut) and graduated with honors.
Thomas Richter photo
Thomas Richter
Chief Advisor
Thomas Richter is a serial entrepreneur since he was 21 With 21 he opened his agency for Management, Music, Events and TV Production. He was the Management of Bands like MC Sar and the Real Mc Coy, Funky Diamonds, Just Friends and many more and hit the Number one position in more than 21 countries several times. After Touring with the Backstreet Boys and N-Sync back in 1997 he opened his next company called “The world of Fans.” With that company he was taking care of the relation between Stars and their fans and build up a worldwide network of influencers long before the name influencer was used. Several companies followed and beside the management of music artists he became the biggest celebrity event agency in middle Europe, created more than 500 Film premiers, 7 Years of the German Film price and the TV Show Top of the Pops. As a Co Founder of Staramba SE he conquers the world of Virtual Reality and sets his footprint in Crypto Currency and Blockchain.
Peter Reuschel photo
Peter Reuschel
(Consultant) Founder and COO of Leondra GmbH
Serial entrepreneur - eHealth, music business and FinTech based on solid training and professional experience gained at IBM and SAP. Special domain expertice in token economy, Venture Capital, Fintech and eHealth
Sandra Leonie Ritter photo
Sandra Leonie Ritter
(Consultant) CEO of Leondrino Exchange
Sandra Leonie is co-founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange, Inc., a FinTech start-up based in New York. Established in November 2014, Leondrino Exchange positions itself as the future issuer of virtual branded currencies. Before Sandra Leonie joined Leondrino Exchange, she co-founded the Leondra Music GmbH, a Berlin-based company that provides a business platform for musicians and their managers as Software-as-a-Service solution that includes an interactive Sed Card with an integrated booking tool and a fan relationship management. The Leondrino concept was originally intended as a supplement to this business platform. In discussions with managers from other industries like sports, insurance and mobility services it soon became relatively clear that the Leondrino concept also attracts interest outside the music industry. Therefore, this concept has been transferred to a new, growth-oriented company under the name Leondrino Exchange, Inc. with a focused implementation.


Why is your company going to succeed?

Exclusive partnerships, high-tech 3D scan hardware and being a listed stock-corp are just some of the reasons why project will succeed. The product promises to be particularly successful, as STARAMBA.spaces is also home to the stars and celebrities.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The team is based in Berlin, Germany.