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Automatic Downtime Compensation

By turning service level agreements into smart contracts, Stacktical helps online service providers offer reliability guarantees to their community, while automatically compensating users for performance failures, downtimes and unresponsive customer support. A service level agreement or "SLA" is a contract that defines the quality of service users should expect from their providers and ways to settle disputes when the agreed quality is not met.

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Start Date
November 19th 2018 15:54 UTC
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End Date
December 31st 2018 15:53 UTC
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Start Date
January 15th 2019 12:00 UTC
End Date
March 15th 2019 12:00 UTC
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United States
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Wilhem Pujar photo
Wilhem Pujar
Co-Founder and CEO
Wilhem holds a MSc in Computer Science. He has a 10 year experience in distributed software architecture, software development and product management. He previously founded a Tag&See, a Big Data startup specialized in social media monitoring and sentiment analysis. He started getting involved with the Blockchain in 2015, by experimenting with chaincode development in IBM Bluemix, one of the legacy components of the now Hyperledger consortium.
Jeandaniel Bussy photo
Jeandaniel Bussy
Co-Founder and CTO
JeanDaniel holds a MSc in Computer Science. He is a Google Certified Architect with 10 years experience in System Administration, IaaS, High performance tuning and Cloud Architecture. He has been one of the first OpenStack and Kubernetes administrators in Asia. He started getting involved with cryptocurrencies in 2014, when he applied DevOps automation principles to the deployment of Litecoin nodes.
Aurélie Kando photo
Aurélie Kando
Operations Officer
Aurelie’s international experience as a Lawyer and IP expert took her across 3 continents before she accepted to join Stacktical as our Operations Officer. After passing her bar exam in Paris, she worked on developing strategies against IP law violations, piracy and counterfeiting. After moving to Canada, she gained valuable experience negotiating trademark disputes and infringements, as well as passing off and drawing up contractual papers. Now, she is in charge of Legal and Communications for Stacktical from our Tokyo office.