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SPINDLE is the first match-making platform for investors and cryptocurrency funds where users will be able to compare transparent information about every crypto fund and connect with asset managers to help diversify and grow their investments.

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Start Date
April 29th 2018
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May 15th 2018 23:59 UTC
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Masamitsu Hirai photo
Masamitsu Hirai
A graduate of the Hosei University Faculty of Business Administration, Masamitsu Hirai engaged in forming investment funds and advising on investment strategy in a financial team at Funai Soken Holdings Inc. (TSE:9757). He then became CEO of an independent investment management company in Japan and then became a fund manager and the head of derivatives at a Malaysian hedge fund. He is now the CEO of Bullion Japan Inc. and the president and CEO of our company.
Tsunehisa Kasai photo
Tsunehisa Kasai
After graduating from the Department of British and American Studies at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Tsunehisa Kasai joined UBS Group in London, and was in charge of Japanese securities in 1988, and then in 1991, worked at Crédit Lyonnais in London as a director in charge of the Middle East. In 1995, he joined Yamaichi Securities Europe in London, and in 1996, he worked at a statistical arbitrage fund management company, iCos Partners. He is now the executive vice president of Bullion Japan Inc. and the executive vice president & COO of our company.
Takashi Koga photo
Takashi Koga
After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law, Takashi Koga joined Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, and then worked at an independent investment advisory firm where he was in charge of analyzing international financial situations, developing investment strategies in East and Southeast Asia including Hong Kong and Singapore, and structuring general finance. He is now the executive director of our company.
Lina Seiche photo
Lina Seiche
PR Manager
After serving as the social media manager and music journalist for a German culture magazine, Seiche made the move to Malaysia to study under GACKT, a Japanese musician. Through studying the economy, art and language, she assumed the position of chief manager for G&I Asia Bridge Partnerz, and opened the TOKYO CANDY FACTORY ? in Kuala Lumpur. At SPINDLE, she will be in charge of PR activities to the world, and will also raise product awareness.
Masashi Sakuma photo
Masashi Sakuma
Accounting Officer
After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce, Mr. Sakuma worked as a certified public accountant, tax accountant, inheritance diagnosis consultant. Then he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, where he was tasked with auditing in the international department. In 1997, he joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, where he was in charge of accounting and tax management with regards to derivatives and liquidation. Afterwards, he worked in the investment banking department of HSBC Securities Tokyo branch, then in the investment banking department of J.P. Morgan Tokyo branch, where he was responsible for providing financial advice on domestic and cross-border M&A, capital funding. In 2004, he joined Fields Corporation, where he was responsible for strategic corporate investment and group organization restructuring. In 2008,he established Sada Partners and became the president & CEO. While continuing his roles at Sada Partners, he established EMZ Accounting Group and has become its CEO.


Cher Chen Lung photo
Cher Chen Lung
Global Alliance Advisor
Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, Cher Chen Lung came to Japan to study at Sophia University upon graduating from high school. After graduating from Sophia, he worked in Kyodo News Service and Nomura Research Institute, among others. In 2015, he entered into partnership with a Hong Kong-based major financing company, Sun Hung Kai & Co., Ltd and a major Indonesian energy firm, Indika, and raised a total of 7.8 billion yen, with which he acquired a company listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and became president. He succeeded in restoring the company’s profitability, and after leaving office, he has since been running four companies as well as engaging in investment projects that connect the Japanese and Chinese economies.
Dariusz Chrzastowski photo
Dariusz Chrzastowski
Supreme Strategic Advisor
Mr. Chrzastowski, a British national, born in Poland, graduated from law school in Poland and obtained an MBA at the University of Manchester. In 1995, he became the head of sales & development, for an Austrian investment bank with a branch in Poland. After working there for 3 years, he became a top executive at ING Poland in charge of stock market, where he worked till 2003. Then he became the top executive in charge of emerging markets and moved to London. He led ING Securities to become one of the leading companies in emerging markets, and helped more than 30 companies launch their IPOs. He was awarded numerous prizes for his performance in emerging markets (prizes awarded by Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered Bank etc. in annual magazines) and was promoted to the position of global equity head at ING Securities, before becoming an executive director at ING Group, where he stayed till 2012. Later, he established a private equity company and has been leveraging his experience ever since.
Gackt Oshiro photo
Gackt Oshiro
Asia Strategic Advisor
Gakuto Oshiro debuted as the vocalist of the world renowned band "MALICE MIZER". In 1999 he became a solo artist under the name of "GACKT", and has released 48 CD singles and 19 albums, still holding the record for the most number of TOP 10 singles awarded to a male solo artist in history. In addition to music, he has been active as an actor in Hollywood movies, Japanese movies, TV dramas, and as a voiceover actor in Hollywood movies, animation, and games. He is also a successful fashion designer. He ranks among the top in male artists who draw advertising and TV commercial clients, representing a wide range of products from security systems to food. He is a worldwide influencer and continues activities with global reach. His social media follower statistics reach 1.7 million on LINE, 900,000 on Twitter, 500,000 on Instagram, and 500,000 on Facebook with fans in Europe, Asia and America. He is also active in the business world in many Asian countries.