Space.Cloud.Unit (SCU)

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The first B2B cloud marketplace on Blockchain

SCU's vision is to develop and market the simplest and most user-friendly cloud construction kit in the world based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Our mission is to make cloud storage available easy, flexible and secure at all times to minimize the effort required to manage the enterprise data storage infrastructure. Cloud storage service providers post their offers within the marketplace. Users have an easy-to-use filter interface to compile their own, perfectly tailored cloud.

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  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Germany
Start Date
October 1st 2018 11:00 UTC
End Date
December 15th 2018 11:00 UTC
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Daniel Markwart photo
Daniel Markwart
Crypto-Economics & Token Specifics, ICO strategist
Daniel combines his passion for token models with an academic background in social systems analysis, enabling him to replicate real economies in digital ecosystems. He acquired his expertise in the qualitative analysis of ICOs and the underlying criteria during his studies, both on the development and investor side. With his communication and teaching skills, Daniel is a valuable asset for SCU and our choice when it comes to business intelligence and informing decision-makers about future consequences and strategy decisions.
Moritz Stumpf photo
Moritz Stumpf
ICO Project Lead, Business Case
Moritz is an experienced IT professional and founder of Blockchain Solutions. He has an extraordinary spirit of innovation and a strategic approach that makes him an outstanding performer when it comes to realizing ideas for complete products and technologies from a single source. Especially with disruptive technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI and Big Data he is passionate and our perfect solution for SCU.
Daniel Lammermann photo
Daniel Lammermann
Marketing & Distribution-Lead, Investor Relations
Daniel is an outstanding marketeer. If you give him a product, he sells it in the shortest time with a customer satisfaction that is unparalleled. Due to his extensive experience in marketing he is the current Head of Marketing and Distribution at Blockchain Solutions. He is also a lateral thinker when it comes to unconventional marketing strategies.
Cora Nünning photo
Cora Nünning
Strategic Marketing, Community Management, Graphic Design, Public Relations
Cora is our solution for further marketing strategies and cooperative communication. She helps Ina with our blogs and is the second half of our female creative duo. She has a good eye for design and blossoms with every new design task.
Ina Scheuermann photo
Ina Scheuermann
Social Media Relations, Community Management, Online Advertisement, Investor Relations
Ina is our community manager and our creative force when it comes to content. If you have read one of our medium articles, you can be quite sure that it was created by Ina. She's one half of our female creative duo.
Jan Kahmen photo
Jan Kahmen
Crypto-Economics, Cryptographics, Smart Contract Design & Develop¬ment, Wallets/Ledger
Jan is SCU's mainstay when it comes to cryptographic solutions and technical implementation. If there are questions about our technological functions such as the Wallet or the parameters of our Smart Contract System, he is the person who can answer them. One of his hobbies is anonymity and data security within IT systems
Christian Sprajc photo
Christian Sprajc
Founder/ CEO
Christian is the founder and CEO of, a successful cloud services provider for 10 years PowerFolder, and Space.Cloud.Unit. Christian is responsible for >25 employees, 3,.5 million PowerFolder users and generates with PowerFolder sales of >3.85 million.