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Resolving disputes between the parties to smart contracts. Say you sign a smart contract with me to do some work. I say I did it, but you say I didn't. We need a 3rd party to determine the truth. Smarter Contract provides that 3rd party to smart contracts.

Start Date
March 5th 2019 15:00 UTC
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End Date
June 11th 2019 15:00 UTC
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Vladimir Dubovskiy photo
Vladimir Dubovskiy
Vlad is a serial entrepreneur and a 3-time CTO. In 2017, he started to consult on ICOs and smart contracts. Vlad started a design lab called Elemental which is aiming to disrupt prefab housing market. The platform has been partially developed on Ethereum Blockchain using Solidity. In his early career, Vlad co-founded a startup accelerator called Unreasonable Institute. Since inception, over 500 companies from over 90 countries participated and raised over $220M. At Unreasonable, Vlad led the development of the crowdfunding platform (before crowdfunding was a buzzword). Before Elemental, Vlad spent 4 years in New York as a Chief Data Scientist at There he hired a team, built data infrastructure on AWS from scratch; integrated business intelligence tools, powered by Looker, across the organization; and deployed predictive models, classification algorithms. He has received a degree in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Ashish Bhatt photo
Ashish Bhatt
As an investor and M&A advisor, Ashish reviewed, was a signer of, or drafted (as principal) over 100 contracts. He has been a principal in several contractual disputes and an advisor during several others. Because of Ashish’s M&A work, many of those 100+ contracts were related to business sales. Since business sale contracts encapsulate agreements rooted in varied areas of law -- including corporate, securities, IP, labor, real estate, international, and tax -- Ashish is acquainted with the many applications of contract law. Ashish founded M&A advisory firm Next Bridge Advisors Inc in 2015. Since 2015, he has made several private debt and equity investments, including alongside co-investors through Pico Ventures and Mini Search. In 2012, he started a virtual conference business called Second Meeting. Ashish has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, where he specialized in Entrepreneurship. He has a BA from Amherst College, where he majored in math and economics.
Ji Guo photo
Ji Guo
Ji is a serial entrepreneur who previously co-founded a YC company, a music events-management company, a gourmet burger restaurant, and most recently a digital marketing agency focused on b2b SaaS. He most recently oversaw the launch of Polymath’s record $100 million ICO. Previously, Ji was a foreign correspondent working for Newsweek Magazine. His journalism career started at The New York Times in college, with stints at Time Magazine and The Economist. He’s been published in The Washington Post, Foreign Affairs, and The Christian Science Monitor. He’s lived on 6 of 7 continents, including Antarctica. He has a bachelor’s in economics from Yale.

Smarter Contract Token Token Distribution

  • Token Sale37,500,000 SMTR62.50%
  • Token Bonus Program12,500,000 SMTR20.80%
  • Allocation to Smarter Contract Inc10,000,000 SMTR16.70%