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Be part of the in-flight revolution!

The first global and revolutionary ecosystem for general aviation including drones/UAVs designed to increase safety through collision avoidance, communication and tracking. Be part of the in-flight revolution. Hardware Prototype already field tested and working. Free Navigation App`s already in use.

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  • Jurisdiction Germany
Start Date
December 3rd 2018 10:00 UTC
End Date
April 15th 2019 10:00 UTC
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United States
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Tiberius Dacher photo
Tiberius Dacher
Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, CEO and Founder of Dacher Systems GmbH > 20 years expertise in business administration, Privat Pilot with PPL-A and SPL Licence. Co-Founder of the sky[nav]pro™ project in the year 2014.
Marwin Knoblauch photo
Marwin Knoblauch
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Technical University of Berlin, Head of aviation solutions at Dacher Systems GmbH with more then 10 years expertise in general aviation, Privat Pilot PPL-A, SPL and Flight Instructor. Co-Founder of the sky[nav]pro™ project in the year 2014.
Andrei Avram photo
Andrei Avram
Board of Advisors
Expert Evaluator for the European Commission regarding disruptive ICT startups. With 10 years of experience in developing innovative IT businesses by always pushing the limits of the technology. Involved in the blockchain space for many years & Co-founder of Romanian Blockchain Association and several IT companies.
Dr. Werner Hladil photo
Dr. Werner Hladil
Board of Advisors
University engineer for high-frequency technology. Co-Founder of FuelMap, a Price Comparison Engine for the aviation sector and now essential part of sky[nav]pro Project to allow each pilot to compare fuel prices on major airports. Passionate Private Pilote with PPL(A) Licence and a staunch supporter of the pilot community.
Nicu Vonica photo
Nicu Vonica
Technology Team
Specialist in Blockchain technology and Project Manager in software development with 20 years expertise in software development and project controlling for prestigious customers at Dacher Systems GmbH. Bachelor of Economic Informatics, Academy of Economics in Bucharest. Working for sky[nav]pro™ project from the beginning.
Adrian Pitic photo
Adrian Pitic
Technology Team
Software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in software. Specialized in web applications, mobile applications and database design. Specialist in Blockchain technology. Adrian has many years of experience in programming with an emphasis on application security. Working for sky[nav]pro™ project from the beginning.
George Chitu photo
George Chitu
Technology Team
Software Analyst and BI Developer >15 years expertise in software development Bachelor of Economic Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity & Infrastructure expert of prestigious customers. Solid working knowledge of software development and strategic planning. True Blockchain addict. Working for sky[nav]pro™ project from the beginning.
Loredana Benedic photo
Loredana Benedic
Technology Team
Mobile App Developer for Android and iOS. Programmer with over 10 years of experience developing on the web, mobile solutions, backend blockchain and cryptocurrency. Lore is a highclass professional in mobile application development (iOS/SWIFT and Android) and she is working also for sky[nav]pro™ project from the beginning.
Sorin Iepan photo
Sorin Iepan
Technology Team
Bachelor of Economic Computer Sciences. Enthusiast of broadly understood information technology. Sorin is a web and mobile application developer, constantly developing his experience in the IT industry, including the design and creation of application front and backend. Working for sky[nav]pro™ project from the beginning.
Victor Chiriac photo
Victor Chiriac
Technology Team
Magento Certified Developer and Software Engineer with BS in Computer Science with more then 7 years in software development, mainly focused on e-commerce. Magento Solution Specialist and Consultant. Victor is collaborating with sky[nav]pro™ for a few years now towards building up, developing and improving the online shop.
Tabita Knoblauch photo
Tabita Knoblauch
Sales & Marketing
A highly experienced sales and negotiating specialist. Tabita has extensive experience in the field of technology with a focus on communication and challenges. Enthusiast of online marketing and communication, successfully develops and implements strategic messages and content for multi-channel initiatives from consumer engagement.
Sergiu Filpisan photo
Sergiu Filpisan
Sales & Marketing
Graphical Design Development. Passionate about visual creation and arts. Sergiu brings to sky[nav]pro™ his talent for image, design, marketing and communication. 10+ years experience in image editing specializing in Photoshop. Sergiu brings into the project the visual passion and working also for sky[nav]pro™ project from beginning.
Alexandra Andreea Dragoi photo
Alexandra Andreea Dragoi
Sales & Marketing
Creative person with a very dynamic character. Bachelor Degree in Economics (Finance and Accounting) at UPG Ploiesti Romania. Alexandra is a highly qualified negotiator and committed to the idea, that either you hold negotiations or you are being negotiated with. She is an expert in arrangement and holding the system smart workshops and presentations.

skynavpro Token Distribution

  • ICO & Pre-Sale144,000,000 SNP60.00%
  • Core Team & Founders12,000,000 SNP15.00%
  • Company Reserve36,000,000 SNP10.00%
  • Marketing & Events24,000,000 SNP10.00%
  • Future Community Campaigns24,000,000 SNP5.00%


  • Q3 2019

    Start of skynavpro™ app with blockchain f unctionality & serial production of the Box BlueLine and RedLine

  • Q1 2020

    Start Distribution & Business Development sa les efforts Europe

  • Q1 2021

    Start Distribution & Business Development No rthern America/Canada

  • Q1 2022

    Start Distribution & Business Development As ia/Pacific

  • Q1 2023

    Start Distribution & Business Development Re st of World


Why is your company going to succeed?

as we have already a working product and all funds will be gone to expand and grow in different markets.

Where did your team members meet originally?

they know each other from many different succesfully done projects from the past. I know most of them since the year 2001

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

time time time, as we are the first and we have to hurry up before the competitors will wake up