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SilkChain - Revolutionizing International Trade

SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade.

  • Category Trading & Investing
  • Project Type New Blockchain
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  • Algorithm ERC20
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  • Jurisdiction Singapore
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Start Date
July 20th 2018 10:00 UTC
End Date
January 31st 2019 10:00 UTC
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Kevin Fenn photo
Kevin Fenn
Executive Vice President
president of Dinodirect Ltd. Vice president-California Chinese Business Association Members of the Council-SilkRoad Chamber of International Commerce Member of SEs-Summit of business leaders from the G20 countries
Jiatao Chen photo
Jiatao Chen
Microsoft Software Development Engineer(SDE),USA-Program Manager Comex Holdings ltd.European cross-border trade platform company,France-Director international business development United Nations,Department of Public Information New York,USA-Programme Officer
Bartosz Komasa photo
Bartosz Komasa
Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency,Foreign Investment Department, Far East Section - Head of China Desk Bank of China, Poland branch - Director Asia & Pacific International Cooperation and Exchange Center(APICEC) - Poland Representative Office Taiwan External Trade Development Council - Polish Consultant Polish Forum of Young Diplomats, Polish largest Non-Government Organization - Deputy President
Gary Szlatiner photo
Gary Szlatiner
Experienced digital marketing, sales, business development, product, and management professional. Reboot Robots Ltd, Director, Owner eGold (cryptocurrency for eSports betting, based on the Ethereum blockchain)-Advisor
Sergio Adler photo
Sergio Adler
GV Angels(group of Angel Investors) – Co-Founder and director. Allasia(venture builder company, focused in e-commerce)– Founder and CEO. Portpress(importer and distributor) – Founder and member of the board.
Danny Chan photo
Danny Chan
Founder and Managing Director of BOLEGAO. Partner, Alexander Hunt International. Senior Director, Career International, China's largest recruitment service provider.
Peter Gong photo
Peter Gong
Founder and Chairman of Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc. Chairman of CEA Business Center, Inc. One of founders, VP and Secretary General of Chinese Enterprise Association Founder of PacWest Oregon, Inc.
Djunaidi Lie photo
Djunaidi Lie
Vice President
the CEO of PT Paloma Shopway, is a star entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Paloma Shopway is the biggest Indonesia nationwide distribution company with O2O omni channel business model, having 265 thousand registered member with 30 thousand of active selling members. Paloma Shopway was acquired by Salim Group (founded in 1972, is one of the biggest diversified multinational enterprise group in Indonesia) in October 2016.
Abdullah Saeed Al-Mobty photo
Abdullah Saeed Al-Mobty
Chairman of the Abha industrial and Commercial Association; Members of the Saudi Council for Industry and commerce; (Saudi Arabia) director of the Association for the protection of minors; The director of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme Council of the overseas region; The director of the authority of the Saudi electric power and waste heat power generation
Qing Yi photo
Qing Yi
Co-Founder & CEO of ITDC Co-CEO of OSell Group School of Public Policy Researcher of People’s University General Manager (Greater China) of Comex Holdings ltd. Co. VP of Russia Partner Logistics Great Wall Automotive Overseas Market Vice GM, GM of Great Wall Russia
Irene Liu photo
Irene Liu
CEO/ President Director IDSS; Vice President IDSS Indonesia JV Vice President & Co-Founder / Partner - OSELL DinoDirect China Limited Group Executive Vice President - Oconnect Cross-border e-commerce Co.,Ltd Business Development Director -; CEO assistant & Sales Representative - Australia Midland Brick Co., Ltd
Lillian Zeng photo
Lillian Zeng
CEO of OSell Group E-Commerce Platform Founder of U.S. Loongway Cross-border Group General Manager of Middle-East Europe Loongwell Captial Secretary General of U.S. Chinese Enterprise Association Vice General Manager of Loncin Commercial Estate
Boping Shi photo
Boping Shi
Education Master's Degree in Electronics, University of Science and Technology of China Work Co-Founder / Partner of Junhal capital



SilkChain Token Distribution

  • Fundraising2,500,000,000 SILK25.00%
  • Ecosystem incentive fund2,500,000,000 SILK25.00%
  • Founder and Develper Team2,000,000,000 SILK20.00%
  • Business and community consortium2,000,000,000 SILK20.00%
  • Foundation Discretionary1,000,000,000 SILK10.00%


  • Q1 2018

    ERC20 based Ethereum token issuance

  • Q2 2018

    Launch of SilkChain 1.0 Testnet, supporting sBFT consensus, reaching 500 tps. Launch of cross-chain unified API TurboSDK, supporting Ethereum and SilkChain 1.0 Testnet. Launch of WYSIWYG BPMN editor TurboBPMN, supporting Ethereum and SilkChain 1.0 Testnet. DApps based on Ethereum available for testing.

  • Q3 2018

    Launch of cross-chain digital assets transfer protocol DATP.

  • Q4 2018

    Launch of SilkChain 1.0 Mainnet, supporting multi smart contract tiers, integration of CryptoApps, more pluggable consensus mechanisms, reaching 2000 tps. Launch of CryptoApps specifications and CryptoApps store. Launch of SilkCredit based on SilkChain 1.0.

  • Q2 2019

    TurboSDK and TurboBPMN supporting for EOS, SilkChain 2.0 preview. Launch of SilkFinance, SilkExchange.

  • Q3 2019

    Launch of SilkContract, SilkSupply, SilkB2B.

  • Q4 2019

    Launch of SilkChain 2.0, reaching 10000 tps. Launch of BaaS platform. Launch of other DApps developed by community partners.


Why is your company going to succeed?

1. SilkChain operation team has completed the initial integration of the supply chain
as well as the connection between the centralized procurement center of Chinese manufacturers
and global large-scale commercial nodes, especially the Belt-and-Road countries.
2. SilkChain has enough cross-border e-commerce creation experience and relatively
mature technology system.
3. SilkChain has completed the service & finance integration of third-parties of
cross-border e-commerce.
4. As the first traditional cross-border e-commerce group to expand the offline business
abroad and complete the localization around the world, SilkChain has established a firm
social network and close connections with politics and business circles of the Belt-and-Road
5.Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms that seek profits by directly or indirectly
extracting commission from the transaction value chain, SilkChain endeavors to innovate business
models with Token and blockchain technology.

Where did your team members meet originally?

SilkChain team consists of presidents of Chamber of Commerce, trade leaders, as well as
politics and business elites from countries around the world. For example, Mr. Abdullah Saeed
Al-Mobty owns Saudi Arabia’s largest business group and has participated in Saudi Arabian
subway construction projects; what’s more, the Chinese logistics company Gateway Trading Co.,
Ltd. in the US west coast has engaged in logistics and transportation for three decades as a
one-stop high-end business service and solution provider for the Sino-US trade. There are many
such elites and enterprises in SilkChain team that have significant influences on local
cross-border trade.SilkChain team members and governing bodies come from all continents, including the Gulf,
North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Russia and Africa.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

1.Investors are lacking in channels to clearly understand the project 2.Unexpected market force majeure. 3.Fake ICO's crowd the crypto scene making it harder for genuine coins like SilkChain to be found. 4.Hackers. 5.Network failure of token.