SENSE (SENSE)Gold Project

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SENSE is the missing bridge between blockchain and users on centralized apps who are unable to share and monetize their most valuable assets, creating an incentive around messaging activity that consumes a majority of an average Web user’s day

Start Date
October 3rd 2017 05:00 UTC
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End Date
October 10th 2017 05:00 UTC
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SENSE Token Sale Details

The notional value of SENSE is set at $0.10 per token. The final value will be determined by the sale.

What problem does Sensay solve?
Currently, humans are limited by centralized social networks and indexed by advertising-supported social graphs, ultimately unable to own the value they contribute within these networks. Multiple centralized messaging apps consume more time for users than any other types of applications and operate in silos, with no common knowledge repository and no way to connect these apps. Sensay solves this problem with a decentralized, transparent, interoperable messaging platformenabling anyone to chat and unlock transactions across centralized messaging applications in a distributed network.


Crystal Rose
Crystal RoseCo-founder, CEO
Ariel Jalali
Ariel JalaliCo-founder, CSO
Angel Jose
Angel JoseEngineer
Stef Telford
Stef TelfordEngineer
Grover Light
Grover LightUX / Product
Kurt Kumar
Kurt KumarProduct
MojoHead of Happiness


Dr. Gavin Wood
Dr. Gavin WoodAdvisor (Ethereum, Parity)
Nick Sullivan
Nick SullivanAdvisor (ChangeCoin, Airbnb)
Galia Benartzi
Galia BenartziAdvisor (Bancor Network)

SENSE Token Distribution

  • Retained for for SDN, communities, users and contributors300,000,000 SENSE30.00%
  • Retained for Company275,000,000 SENSE27.50%
  • Sold in the Token Sale275,000,000 SENSE27.50%
  • Reserved for future development150,000,000 SENSE15.00%