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Augmented Reality Social Network with Cryptocurrency Environ

Selfie GO is a blockchain-using social network that utilizes AR technologies and its own cryptocurrency. The project shares its revenue with users on a daily basis, by buying back on the exchanges the equivalent of 30% of advertising revenue in SGO tokens. These tokens are then distributed to active participants of the social network.

  • Category Social Network
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
December 12th 2018 11:00 UTC
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End Date
January 12th 2019 11:00 UTC
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Andriy Semenyuk photo
Andriy Semenyuk
Andriy is the founding father of Elyland. He is a passionate visionary and innovator with 22 years of experience in business and game development. Being a college dropout just like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Andriy went extra mile each day to make his dream come true. Andriy's persistence and guidance allowed Elyland to become one of the leading game development companies in the region.
Bohdan Repekh photo
Bohdan Repekh
Executive Director
Bohdan is a skilled and hardened professional with 15 years of experience in game development in various positions including CEO, Producer, Project Manager, and Game Designer. Bohdan has a strong grasp of the industry and understands the crypto business requirements easily. He is able to make sound executive decisions for each project he works on.
Stanislav Petrovskyi photo
Stanislav Petrovskyi
Chief Technical Officer
Stanislav is a software developer with astounding 20 years of experience in IT, programming and mathematics. Since he's also got an extensive experience in interviewing candidates, you cannot keep a secret from him. Even when you think you can get away with something, you're wrong. He knows. Always.
Dmytro Kustov photo
Dmytro Kustov
Chief Strategy Officer
Dmytro is a Strategy Officer with 9 years of experience in marketing and sales worldwide. Dmytro has worked on numerous projects in the US and Europe. He's so smart, it seems he has read all the books in the world. At least that's what he claims.
Max Shash photo
Max Shash
Chief Marketing Officer
Max is a dedicated marketing specialist with 11 years of experience in marketing and sales. Worked for Huawei and other international companies.
Julia Morar photo
Julia Morar
Head of PR
Julia is a talented PR specialist with 5 years of experience within a number of media companies in a pre-production role. She'll get you on the cover of any magazine in no time.
Olena Tkach photo
Olena Tkach
Chief Product Officer
Education: National Aviation University Experience in Gamedev: 11 years Skills: Experience in Web Games, Mobile Games, PC Games, Casual Games, Social Games, Game Design, Monetization, Game Mechanics Has worked as Chief Product Officer at Elyland since 2016 With Elyland: 2 years