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A.I. and Robots trade better than humans. is an open-source platform where teams of developers and A.I. data scientists can make algorithms which private everybody can use to trade.

From the start on July 15, already over 20.000 teams of developers and A.I. data scientists are participating, now growing with 1200 teams a day.

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Start Date
August 8th 2018 11:23 UTC
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End Date
November 30th 2018 11:23 UTC
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Stefan Bijen photo
Stefan Bijen
I'm a White Hat hacker, falcon sharp - hunting for leaks in systems, eyes always scanning for platform perfection. Fixing that glitch, those steps too many is my game. And, I don’t stop playing until I’ve tweaked the code to resolve - ironing out every single kink. I earnt my top-of-the-leader-board platform building stripes from years working on game engine programming – leading builds at highly sucessful start-ups in both Europe and Asia.
Colin Groos photo
Colin Groos
A salesman by nature, I’ve developed several successful platforms and innovative websites; winning entrepreneur of the year in 2018 with our business Bootzeil. I believe the key to success is blending development, marketing, economics and new technologies (Blockchain, Algorithms, and Cryptocurrencies) to bring sales to a whole new level, to create the very best form of revenue.
Michiel Stokman photo
Michiel Stokman
I continue where others stop. Seeing possible where others see problem. I’m able to generate multiple successful ideas at a time and get most excited when an idea disrupts established methodology to create big impact. This all began when I became the first internet headhunter in the Netherlands. I look convention in the face until I find a way to jam around it to make that new idea the new normal. So too with RevenYOU
Swati Bhalla photo
Swati Bhalla
Digital Marketing Expert
I am a Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert who leverages initiative and resourcefulness to deliver excellence in meeting the business objectives. Some of my key achievements: Transformed a relatively non-existent social media profile into an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, and Instagram and other valuable social media channels. Built email database from 1,100 to 3,200+
Bas Janssen photo
Bas Janssen
Community manager
I will be part of the social media team here at RevenYOU. I previously worked as a tech support agent for a major telephone service company. My interest in finance and the Crypto world brought me to RevenYOU. I believe RevenYOU is doing something very important. We are opening the financial world up to the general public in a way that doesn’t require you to spend hours upon hours of learning to use old-school trading tools. By doing so it becomes possible for everybody to use dispensable income to grow capital effectively through trading. I will be working hard keep all of you informed every step of the way.
Bart Marissen photo
Bart Marissen
business development manager
I earned my stripes within the medical industry, managing start-up joint ventures & subsidiaries in Malaysia and India. I have a background in Biology (BSc) and Economics & Business (MSc, Cum Laude) and successfully introduced next generation technologies, biomaterials and healthcare services to emerging ASEAN markets. My interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency grew over the last three years and gave new life to my entrepreneurial spirit. I developed, a website dedicated to the listing of tokens and the publication of crypto related news. An exciting personal project that brought me in contact with the people behind RevenYOU. I’ve seen firsthand the worldwide growth potential, the amazing local projects, rising ambitions, and rich cultures. I know were to aim for to succeed as an internationally driven company. I will use my background, passion and expertise to help pave the way for RevenYOU to break through the status quo and to revolutionize the trading industry!
Anita Kwakman photo
Anita Kwakman
PR & event manager
In one word (that I made up myself because one didn’t exist)… I unburden. I delete the pain, and pile on the pleasure. That’s what I’ll be doing for all RevenYOU events. I can do this because I love the composing bit. The bit that heaps of people shy well away, because it’s chaos before it’s calm success. I love to orchestrate – mixing marketing, communication and media skills into one perfect harmonious whole. One that has a booming bass, a moving melody and huge, trickily spoonfuls of soul. One that has people wanting to listen to more. Yes, you’re invited!
Hulmo Christiaansen photo
Hulmo Christiaansen
principal Engineer
I’m Hulmo, and I’m also the human lynchpin between RevenYOU and the developer community. My expertise is functioning and algorithms. I test the out of those beating bot beauties. I work the hell out of them. I am like the world’s best parent – supporting developers to be the best they… well, ok let’s not carried away… I help them create the best algorithms in the world. Automated trading on stock exchanges, cryptocurrency trading, Forex, asset’s such as rare-earth metals, shares, dividend funds … RevenYOU (and every YOU) come up with it, and I test it for strategy, feasibility, profitability, and ultimately success.
Dylan Wolfs photo
Dylan Wolfs
Internship Marketing and communication
I'm a second year student of marketing and communication at the Roc van Amsterdam and will be part of the social media team here at RevenYOU. RevenYOU gave me the chance to combine my internship of marketing and communication with getting to know the trading world.


Tamino Grentzius photo
Tamino Grentzius
Data center development technician
Look at my title it’s a true tongue twister! Let me quickly untwist…. data centers are my haven and playground. I’ve built them for Google, Microsoft and AT&T. Yes, it’s true I’ve seen heaps. And, I use all I’ve seen to build, upgrade, transform and policy companies with the same potential as the aforementioned few. I’ll be ensuring data storage is as tight as a high security prison for RevenYOU, so the world can be freed to go prosper! Oh, and leave it up to me – zero downtime, 100% uptime. All the time.
Paul Van Gent photo
Paul Van Gent
Genius A.I developer
I am an A.I. and Big Data specialist. Think of Tesla: smart in-car autonomous systems. I have a passion for all things data, music and micro-electronics. The deep wish driving my career and hobbies is to provide open source platforms and toolboxes that enable researchers, students and ambitious individuals to achieve more. Mission: Leveraging big data and deep learning methods to create a fairer, more accessible, financial eccosystem.Currently the ability to invest depends on big money, investing small amounts is not feasible. A main driver is that this knowledge is centralised in big firms and investment platforms. This creates an unfair situation that disproportionately favours the already rich. We know from research that the main driver to reduce crime, religious extremism and general instability in a given region is prosperity for all. If RevenYOU can contribute to extra impetus towards this future vision that would be absolutely amazing.
Sergey Gafurov photo
Sergey Gafurov
exchange development.
Phd in computer science and math. Full stack software developer. Winner best developer in 1982!!
Herman Vissia photo
Herman Vissia
Hybrid exchange and Portal team member
PHD in fundemantal science, innovator and specialist in data. Experienced tech entrepreneur with the skills of a inventor.
Anton Zalesky photo
Anton Zalesky
Teamleader for our algorithm team and exchange development.
Phd in computer science. Predictive analises and math. One of the brighest minds in the world.


Dave Van Den Akker photo
Dave Van Den Akker
language entrepeneur & consultant
I am a specialist in multilingual communication. Creating and implementing highly effective workflows that make it possible to communicate worldwide in a consistent and professional manner is my main passion in business. My expertise ranges from terminology and translation management to the creation and application of effective machine translation engines. I’ll be here to make sure that RevenYOU’s communication is available and understood across the world. And understanding the message is just the beginning: the impact of every story, every shared experience will be equally great in every country and every language. RevenYOU should always be able to speak to everyone in their own language. I’ll make sure that’s possible!
Christian Maeder photo
Christian Maeder
Christian Maeder (Reichlin Hess)They call me a highly respected lawyer in the field of tax law and recently blockchain and crypto-projects. Admitted to the bar in the Canton of Zurich (Switzerland) in 2012 I became a Swiss Certified Tax Expert in 2017. Often sought out for advice, I supported blockchain projects in various industry sectors by ensuring their regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, and tax optimization. With my broad network of experts in the crypto-industry, I can ensure a successful and strong foundation of the ITO in Switzerland.
Ruud Nijs photo
Ruud Nijs
Scale up and sustainability
Hi, I’m Ruud and my domain is Corporate Social Responsibility. I know that companies that have CSR at their heart have more chance at sustainable success. That’s why I’m here for the RevenYOU ITO. I can back up these rather epic claims with 14 years of experience with CSR led startups. I’m a scaleup expert, and I’ll gather on my network, expertise at exec level and background in supervising numerous IPOs to make RevenYOU fly. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a buzz word for me. It is the only thing that will ensure the planet continues to be a planet for our kids. Full stop, amen.
Woolwich Marianne photo
Woolwich Marianne
Chief coach
I am Marianne – chief coach at Diamond Bridge and the devil’s advocate of RevenYOU. Here to hear RevenYOU’s demons – so they can go beyond and beat them. My experience enables me to lean back and see the big picture and lean in to press for more detail whenever it’s needed. I like teams that strive for perfection because that’s what I’m trained at producing. That’s why RevenYOU speaks to me, and why it speaks to you.
Anna Chojnacka photo
Anna Chojnacka
I am Founder of the 1% club and GoodUp is the European leader in providing dogood platforms to boost employee engagement. We match visionaries (people with great ideas) to achievers (people who want to use their time, money and skills to do something awesome). Mission: Let’s change the world together. I believe in harvesting all the Unused Potential in the World for Doing Good. RevenYOU has the power to bypass bad local financial and banking infrastructure. Poor people lack real opportunities. Even the highly praised ‘micro loans’ work with 30% interest rates. Is that an opportunity? RevenYOU is a real opportunity: Intelligent, fair, decentralized.
Joost Roset photo
Joost Roset
revenyou league producer
I am visually set and a postgraduated double bass player. I like to create and to build from scratch. Business wise entrepreneurial, yet an experienced broadcast content creator. Together with a team of young angry broadcast professionals and enthousiasts, we daily produce Esports content, operate competitions and create new millenial and generation-Z content. Our matra? Let’s change what is mainstream now! Our company, Gamers First, started back in 2015 in a Cinema. We now produce from our own studios, with a daily growing content catalogue. All play – all work, and where talents become legends. And that’s where Revenyou and I meet. By working together we are our own community which grows by itself by working and by playing.
Michael Greenberg photo
Michael Greenberg
Michael is an Entrepreneurs with gigantic ambition and several successful, award-winning companies to his name. This is one guy who understands blockchain and cryptocurrency inside out. Michael brings with him over twenty years working experience within the corporate world, Non Profit and the tech startups holding a number of senior positions. Apart from being a business owner he launched one of Europe’s first Angel Investment Networks. You can also think of him as a Condor, who has a great span of interests, an idea generator, always one step ahead of the game, always driven to achieve the highest goals, well disciplined, highly creative, inspiring. And he continues when others stop. He has lived and worked in the US, UK, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Israel, Bulgaria and has probably attended more events worldwide than anyone we have ever met before! In his spare time, he loves learning about new technologies, climbing mountains and experiencing to cook new cuisines

RevenYou Token Distribution

  • Public + Agio5,769,439,500 ERC22385.00%
  • Team393,370,875 ERC2239.00%
  • Affiliate87,415,750 ERC2232.00%
  • League & Bounty87,415,750 ERC2232.00%
  • Partnerships43,707,875 ERC2231.00%
  • Advisors43,707,875 ERC2231.00%


  • Jun 2018

    First Aplha version 'Portal' live, algorithm trading connected with >6 exchanges.

  • Jul 2018

    2018 successful seed funding, valuation over 5.5 million

  • Sep 2018

    Revenyou league: 6000 teams of algorithm makers on board

  • Sep 2018

    First Beta version Portal live, in full speed, scale up and savety mode

  • Feb 2019

    App live, IOS and Android, controlled users group


Why is your company going to succeed?

The RevenYOU app lets you use the best automated trading strategies, 24/7.

Our platform provides you with a multitude of trading algorithms, designed by people from around the world. The best bots compete to get their spot on the top.
The RevenYOU app is not for the super rich.
It's for the 99% who want the same opportunities as the super rich.

Why do we make higher % than bankers?
Normal investment banks have high traditional costs due to capital expenditure, significant bonus structures and salary payouts. It’s considered ‘normal’ but who do you think ends up paying for these expenses? You, the user. RevenYOU avoids this extra cost entirely, our bots don’t ask for million dollar bonuses.

But hey, they do their work, right? Well… 4% yield a year. To be honest, we see teams on our platform doing much, much better. Is it talent? Is it hard work?

For sure it involves cutting edge IT, technology and Machine Learning.

Our platform generously rewards the botmakers while keeping the total costs to run our services much lower than what the traditional bankers have to offer you. We work hard on the right tasks. No abundant costs, no valuable time lost on side activities. We constantly optimize trading strategies and algorithms. Day in, day out, without stopping.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Founders Michiel, Colin and Stefan used to trade with algorithms. they just connected code on servers and made successful automated trades using different API connections with major exchanges.

They more and more found out that they wanted a solid, ultra fast and ultra save portal for smarter trading and better predictive analysis. They wanted to include Machine Learning to improve algorithms fast and needed more safety.

Most of all: a lot of other automated trading developers were thinking alike and were searching for much more flexible, faster and cheaper platforms. The founders also saw that teams needed to be able to specialize, meaning that teams could cooperate. Also they noticed that quite a lot of skilled algorithm developers had access to coding and ML skills, but did not have the money to `trade big time. This all needed to be put in one system: Portal.

The foundation of RevenYOU was laid in Oktober 2017. The boys are going to drastically change the world of investing by giving everybody access to the best automated strategies