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ReceiptCoin, the Identity of Things, is building a universal blockchain receipt marketplace as will as APIs for other apps to use them. These receipts will be used to track ownership and make re-selling goods easier and more efficient.

  • Category Commerce & Advertising
  • Project Type New Blockchain
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Start Date
February 22nd 2018 22:00 UTC
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End Date
April 22nd 2018 12:00 UTC
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Nicholas Juntilla photo
Nicholas Juntilla
a software engineer for 20+ years. 15 of those years have been in medium to large corporations in Los Angeles. N.J. has designed and built eCommerce platforms, social network sites, eBook publishing software, robotics, interactive media, art installations, and accounting software for companies like Sony Interactive, Disney Store, Beachbody, Ubiquity, Trailer Park Pub., and Chromeriver Inc.. For over a decade he has been working with Inventory, eCommerce and ERP management.
Joseph P Schmitt photo
Joseph P Schmitt
has spent the past 20 years working in various levels of finance, audit, logistics and supply chain management. Vice President of Finance for Los Angeles VA Healthcare System, Joseph leads a team of 35 financial professionals responsible for execution of $1 billion in annual revenues. He holds an MBA, is a Certified Internal Auditor and served in the US Navy.
Jiansen Huang photo
Jiansen Huang
Marketing Strategist
received his film master degree from USC, is a creative director and also blockchain entrepreneur. He has worked in the retail and logistic industry and now owns his own bussiness in logistics. During his bussiness practice, he gained more than 1000 clients and helped them build their import and export business. Jiansen has practical experience in team management, strategic planning and business integration. Jiansen Huang has a deep understanding in cryptography and is an early stage investor of Ethereum. With his Chinese background, he will integrate Asia and US ReceiptCoin communities