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CryptonsGame is a first blockchain ecosystem to combine crypto-collectible platform and video games. It’s a vast, constantly evolving world with rich, expanding history and startling plotlines that guarantees players' engagement for years to come.

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  • Project Type Token
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Lukasz Krasnopolski photo
Lukasz Krasnopolski
UpNorth CEO
Definitely Entrepreneur. Business maker. Activist. Loves to create new ideas and standards, focused on real goals, make the impossible possible especially creating new businesses.
Robert Purzycki photo
Robert Purzycki
Head of Cryptons Project
Associated with the video games industry and digital media since 2007. CCO at Walkabout, Poland-based developer of aspiring independent game studios. Long-time collaborator of CD Project, the largest gaming company in Poland and the creative minds behind The Witcher. Partner of Agora, the biggest Polish media group and the publisher of the most prestigious daily newspaper in Poland. Experienced composer and music producer.
Stanislaw Barzowski photo
Stanislaw Barzowski
Head of Technology
Software engineering leader passionate about product quality. He previously worked on solving the most pressing problems in developing countries and on configuration building tools for the cloud.
Maciej Wdowiak photo
Maciej Wdowiak
Head of Gamedev
Producer and game designer, formerly also journalist, scriptwriter and musician, educated in arts and film school. Video games hothead, science fiction enthusiast, comic book addict. Working on Cryptons Games and creating this amazing Universe is a perfect job, very challenging and extremely satisfying.
Albert Citko photo
Albert Citko
Blockchain and Platform Developer
Software developer passionate about blockchain, solving hard technical problems and building products people love to use. Started career with awards in competitive programming, followed by creating successful web platform.
Piotr Padlewski photo
Piotr Padlewski
Blockchain and Platform Developer
Blockchain and Compiler specialist, contributor to LLVM and Clang (C++ compiler) projects. Excited about smart contracts security and scalability.
Maciej Orlinski photo
Maciej Orlinski
Lead Mobile Games Developer
One man army game developer with 4 years of professional experience in mobile games development. Shipped 3 titles (both Android and iOS) and counting.
Jakub Konicki photo
Jakub Konicki
Game Designer/ Level Designer
Game Designer/ Level Designer
Dawid Ignar photo
Dawid Ignar
Graphic Artist
He has been working as a professional artist for five years, but his passion for art had begun even earlier. His main specialization is digital painting but his also familiar with design related tasks and animations.
Dominik Majewski photo
Dominik Majewski
Head of Marketing
Marketing enthusiast and evangelist of analytics who wants to measure every activity and its effects. Excited of being CryptonsGame Team member. Privately football fan and futsal player.
Valeria Gorchynska photo
Valeria Gorchynska
Marketing Manager
A marketing development expert with startup industry experience including extensive experiential marketing. Passionate about new technologies, marketing and digital world.
Wiola Kokosza photo
Wiola Kokosza
Advertising Manager
Digital marketing specialist with a passsion for social media and experience in educational, entertainment, beauty and automotive projects. Love to work with CryptonsGame team.
Adam Magdziak photo
Adam Magdziak
Community Manager
Working in the gaming & online media industry for more than 8 years. Loves to engage community and share his passion for projects. Gamer in heart.
Daniel Rodowicz photo
Daniel Rodowicz
Copywriter by day and night. Dedicated to letters, words and sentences. Worked on many project from many different fields. Pleasured to work on Cryptons Game.


Quintessence Token Distribution

  • ICO45,360,000 QST81.00%
  • Pre-ICO5,040,000 QST9.00%
  • Team2,240,000 QST4.00%
  • Advisors1,680,000 QST3.00%
  • Bounty1,680,000 QST3.00%


  • Jan 2018

    Preparatory work began: Creation of platform mechanics. Initial platform development

  • Feb 2018

    Games development & ICO preparation: Games development: concepts and mechanics. Initial assets development. ICO preparation

  • Apr 2018

    Pre-ICO Launch

  • Jun 2018

    Platform: Soft Launch

  • Jul 2018

    1st Game Launch: Mobile collector's game

  • Jul 2018

    Collector’s game – mobile game: Launch

  • Aug 2018

    New platform features

  • Sep 2018

    Collector’s game – mobile game: New features

  • Mar 2019

    Mobile Card Game: Launch

  • Dec 2019

    Cryptons Browser Game: Launch


Why is your company going to succeed?

We strongly believe we can bring something completely unique to the table. Unlike other crypto collectible projects with limited options and short life span we have created universe around our project, making engaging and entertaining fun for a long-term.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Our team has been working together on many projects for a few years now. We all do possess great experience in every required branches of this venture including game development, graphic design, programming, blockchain technology or marketing.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

Local law regulations changes, Technology changes, Market instability, Rapid cryptocurrency price changes, Attacts on system security