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PROSENSE.TV is a working business with an already existing highly functional platform for filming, transporting and viewing professional VR broadcasts. PROSENSE.TV transforms the technology of centralized content delivery into a global decentralized peer-to-peer ProsenseLive platform with a payment collection system in which intellectual property rights are protected by blockchain cryptography and all transactions are confidential.

  • Category Gaming & VR
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
October 19th 2017
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- -Hours
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- -Secs
End Date
November 15th 2017
- -Days
- -Hours
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Prosense Pre-ICO Details

Exchange rate: 1 VRP = $0.1

until 1 November - 25% Discount
2 - 8 November - 20% Discount
9 - 15 November - 15% Discount

Start Date
November 16th 2017
- -Days
- -Hours
- -Mins
- -Secs
End Date
December 16th 2017
- -Days
- -Hours
- -Mins
- -Secs

Prosense ICO Details

Exchange rate: 1 VRP = $0.1

Day 1 (while-list only) - 10% Discount
Day 2 - 5% Discount
from Day 3 - 0% Discount


Stanislav Glukhoedov
Stanislav GlukhoedovCEO and Co-founder, VR Evangelist
Leonard Dick
Leonard DickDirector of Strategic Partnerships
Roberto Pagano
Roberto PaganoDirector, Mobile Netrwork Operators and pay TV service providers
Andy Hooper
Andy HooperDirector of Cloud Solutions and Services
Tobias Neumann
Tobias NeumannBusiness Development Director for Western Europe and the Near East
Denis Ivanov
Denis IvanovR&D Executive Director
Dmitry Plakhov
Dmitry PlakhovPrincipal platform architect, blockchain development team leader
Evgeny Timko
Evgeny TimkoDirector of IR
Stanislav Kolesnik
Stanislav KolesnikHead of engineering department
Ivan Gavrenkov
Ivan GavrenkovHead of content production department


Scott Ross
Scott RossAdvisor (CEO at Digital Domain, Vice President at LucasFilm, Advisory Board at Magic Leap, Lenovo)
Michael Terpin
Michael TerpinAdvisor (CEO of Transform Group, chairman BitAngels)
Jesse Damiani
Jesse DamianiAdvisor (Editor-at-Large, VRScout; CEO & Co-Founder, Galatea)
Nick Evdokimov
Nick EvdokimovAdvisor (Founder of Cryptonomos)
Brad Kohn
Brad KohnAdvisor (Producer; Global Community Director at Superbloom Capital; Director at Creative Ninjastries; Creative Director at Home Farm Media)
Moe Levin
Moe LevinAdvisor (CEO of Keynote)
Katrina Arden
Katrina ArdenAdvisor (Founder of Blockchain Law Group)
Andrey Kirilenko
Andrey KirilenkoAdvisor (President of the Russian Federation of Basketball)
Ross Ivett
Ross IvettAdvisor (CEO and Founder at REI Consulting)
Dmitriy Filatov
Dmitriy FilatovAdvisor (Founder of ICORating)

Prosense Token Distribution

  • Public Sale432,000,000 VRP60.00%
  • Advisors and Early Backers129,600,000 VRP18.00%
  • Team86,400,000 VRP12.00%
  • Reserve72,000,000 VRP10.00%