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PRIMARY on the EOS platform

PRIMARY is a system created to engage cooperation, participation and knowledge transfer in the digital industry. The system consists of three components: the existing locations, a decentralized blockchain platform which connects our members worldwide and a token system which links digitally created value to the world economy. PRIMARY is built by rent24, one of the fastest growing providers of coworking and coliving spaces worldwide.

  • Category Social Network
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEOS EOS
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  • Jurisdiction Switzerland
Start Date
August 1st 2018 12:00 UTC
End Date
February 28th 2019 12:00 UTC
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Robert R. Bukvic photo
Robert R. Bukvic
Well-known serial entrepreneur and investor in the tech-scene. 20+ years of experience in e-commerce and SaaS field. Proven track record of successful exits.
Damian M. Leich photo
Damian M. Leich
Co-Founder & CMO
Technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. More than 10 years of experience in software project- and digital product- management. Two successful exits as managing director.
Boerge Grothmann photo
Boerge Grothmann
Chief Revenue Officer
Rockstar sales leader with 25+ years of experience. Responsible for revenue streams and sales operations at top tier companies.
Faruk Mustafic photo
Faruk Mustafic
Head of Technology
Software developer and blockchain pioneer with many years of experience. Interested in elevating projects to real life use.
Ivana Cuk photo
Ivana Cuk
Legal Counsel
Legal counsel with 10+ years of experience in commercial, trade and corporate law. Specialized in merger & acquisition.
Narcis Gecevic photo
Narcis Gecevic
Head of Product
Management and business development specialist with long experience in building sustainable strategies and growth models.
Anton Jaschajew photo
Anton Jaschajew
Head of Online Marketing
Entrepreneur and marketing specialist for performance and affiliate strategies. Advisor to external ICO projects.
Camil Humackic photo
Camil Humackic
Head of Research
Researcher with focus on applied science especially mathematics, ICO infrastructures and crypto currency market analysis.
Kemal Mustafic photo
Kemal Mustafic
Lead Developer Digital Platform
Enthusiastic developer of web applications. Deep knowledge in Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Node, AngularJs, ReactJs.
Guillermo Vargas photo
Guillermo Vargas
Chief Technology Officer
Passionate full-stack developer and technical team leader. 30 years coding of web applications, backend and digital platforms.
Andreas Maechler photo
Andreas Maechler
Lead Public Relations & Communication
Press relations and communications expert with extensive experience in the startup and tech industry. Responsible for communication strategies for market entries.
Sacha Bekkevold photo
Sacha Bekkevold
Lead Digital Community Management
Communication expert with experience in building-up decentralized digital communities.
Theresa A. Jung photo
Theresa A. Jung
Project Manager
Project manager and content creator with passion for the tech and AI industry.
Aldin Humackic photo
Aldin Humackic
Blockchain Specialist
Developer and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. Focus on the creation of Blockchain infrastructures.


PRIMARY Token Distribution

  • ICO350,000,000 PRY70.00%
  • Retained Reserve60,000,000 PRY12.00%
  • Partners & Advisors50,000,000 PRY10.00%
  • Team30,000,000 PRY6.00%
  • Bounty10,000,000 PRY2.00%


  • Oct 2018

    Opening of first Blockchain Hub in Berlin

  • Oct 2018

    Initial mobile & web application design

  • Dec 2018

    Finish platform smart contracts Beta application release

  • Dec 2018

    > 60 operating locations

  • Feb 2019

    Finishing application testing

  • Mar 2019

    Application registration

  • Apr 2019

    Live application release

  • Apr 2019

    Opening of 3 further Blockchain Hubs (London, Moscow, NY)

  • Jun 2019

    First rewards release

  • Aug 2019

    Future roadmap community voting

  • Dec 2019

    Rollout complete : token payment accepted at all locations