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PlusCoin ICO is an Ethereum based token issued by Metaps Plus Inc. and will be the world’s first case in which a company with sufficient capital to maintain an orderly market issues a cryptocurrency. In addition, PlusCoin will be strategically backed by the cryptocurrency exchange market, CoinRoom. As a mobile FinTech platform provider in Korea, Metaps Plus Inc. is building a stable blockchain ecosystem that is designed to closely evaluate the real-world economy under the Ethereum public blockchain application.

  • Category Commerce & Advertising
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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Start Date
September 26th 2017
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End Date
October 10th 2017
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PlusCoin ICO Details

1 ETH = 200 PLC
We only accept ETH for our token sales.

Minimum sales amount: 30,000 ETH
subject to modification set-ups depending on the market price of ETH

Maximum sales completion amount: 100,000 ETH

Korean Whitepaper

Chinese Whitepaper

English Whitepaper

Benefits for token holders

1. Rewards
PlusCoin owners can receive, upon discretion and decision of the company operating the Coin Room, certain rewards in the form of PlusCoin or ETH in each quarter, provided that the amount does not exceed 10% of the portion of the Coin Room’s profit generated by the transaction commissions.

2. Transaction fee return
PlusCoin holders are entitled to quarterly returns of the transaction fees as a part of their benefits.

3. Mobile Coupons
Buyers of mobile coupons will receive discount premiums based on the amount of PlusCoin owned.

PlusCoin Token Distribution

  • Distributed to ICO participants70.00%
  • Distributed to the PlusCoin team20.00%
  • Reserved by CoinRoom exchange market (no lock)10.00%