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The Universal Gaming Token

The PlayChip is an ERC20 token designed to become the universal gaming token. The PlayChip will serve at the core of an online gaming ecosystem that already consists of six platforms, with many more to come. The ecosystem supports a user base of over 900,000 people in over 70 different nations, and is on track to turn over a combined US$430m in 2018 alone.

  • Category Gambling & Betting
  • Project Type Token
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  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
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  • Jurisdiction Australia
Start Date
November 21st 2018 12:00 UTC
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End Date
November 28th 2018 12:00 UTC
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Daniel Simic photo
Daniel Simic
Daniel is the creator of several successful enterprises in the technology, engineering, IT and security sectors. Daniel has a passion for innovation and is a very experienced start-up entrepreneur. He is a strategic thinker with strong team leadership qualities and board management experience. His previous experience includes working with TopBetta, Social Figures, New Era Group, Next Group and Honeywell.
Prashant Arora photo
Prashant Arora
Prashant is a very experienced CFO with proven ability to create, implement and monitor fnancial models and fnancial controls. Prashant has been involved in several startup companies which have credited their success to Prashant’s stringent fnancial management and regulatory compliance. He has previously worked with Corporate Compliance, IC Technologies, New Era Group and Next Group.
Andrew Parramore photo
Andrew Parramore
Andrew is a proven leader in the Software, Electronic Security & Construction Industries. He has extensive experience in operations from startups, SME’s and multinational organisations. Andrew has been pivotal in driving double digit growth whilst implementing operational excellence throughout multiple organisations throughout his career. His previous leadership roles include positions at Fredon Group, Kings Security, New Era Group, Tyco/ADT, and Honeywell.
Mic Costa photo
Mic Costa
Michael is a tech startup expert and a proven successful leader of software development teams. He has wide-ranging experience with tech across various industries. Extensive experience in online sports platforms. He has previously worked with TopBetta, Go Big Media, Webvensure, Rocket Industries and Wyeth/Pfzer
Ryan Bowman photo
Ryan Bowman
Ryan is a tech founder and sales and marketing executive whose previous startup, mConnect, generated over US$650 million in mobile billings and exited via ASX listing within fve years. He has previously worked with Optus, iTouch, Mobileway, Sybase and Sportopia.
Luke Lombe photo
Luke Lombe
Head of ICO and Blockchain
Luke possesses extensive international experience in Operations Management, Blockchain, Business Development, Organizational Design, Media & Entertainment, Marcomms, and everything Startup (Ideation to Funding).
Liam Kirby photo
Liam Kirby
Content Manager
Liam combines his experience from working in positions in journalism, PR, IT and teaching in heading up our content team. Liam has a strong passion for blockchain technology, and the benefits and automation decentralised technology will bring in years to come.
Erik Harris photo
Erik Harris
Inbound Marketing Manager
Erik has a lengthy experience in social media engagement and marketing management, and is hugely passionate about cryptocurrency, surfing and playing the viola.
Sam Nelson photo
Sam Nelson
Digital Communities Manager
Sam is a social media and digital communities professional with a passion for continually building creative and engaging social content.
Peter Colley photo
Peter Colley
Technical Digital Commodities Consultant
Peter has a lengthy experience working in the IT industry, before leaving in 2017 to pursue his passionate interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Peter joined PlayUp in 2018 to provide market insights and technical analysis



PlayChip Token Distribution

  • Public Sale12,500,000,000 PLA25.00%
  • PlayChip Foundation12,500,000,000 PLA25.00%
  • Platform Growth and Community Development12,500,000,000 PLA25.00%
  • Operational Incentives7,500,000,000 PLA15.00%
  • PlayChip Bet Float5,000,000,000 PLA10.00%


  • Q1 2018

    ClassicBet, TopBetta,, Mad Bookie and Draftstars joins PlayChip Ecosystem, Partnership with three major NRL teams, Pre-ICO Commences

  • Q2 2018

    North America and Europe Roadshow, PlayChain Technical Design, PlayXchange Technology Selection

  • Q3 2018

    Asian Roadshow, PlayChain Integration with PlayXchange, PlayChain Integration with Gaming Platforms, Release of PlayWallet and PlayXchange, Listing of PlayChip on multiple exchanges (December 19th)

  • Q1 2019

    Integration of additional gaming platforms, IPO for PlayUp Ltd – Nasdaq & ASX, Full Social Network and Bet-following Integration, Development of Next-Gen Architecture

  • Q3 2019

    3 million players worldwide


Why is your company going to succeed?

The short answer is that we are already successful. Our ecosystem currently consists of seven fully operational platforms (with more to be added in the coming months) that service more than 900,000 users in 70 different nations. This ecosystem is on track to surpass a turnover of $430 million in 2018 alone. We see the development of a decentralised token as a natural progression to meet the demands of a global industry, but one that has gone stagnant in terms of offering a truly global payment and rewards system. Out of all of our competitors we are the only token that will have the utility of being accepted in casino games, sports betting, horse racing, eSports and daily fantasy sports. Furthermore, we are the only ICO that will include an integrated wallet and exchange that will be fully integrated across all ecosystem platforms. This will provide a "one-stop-shop" for users to buy and sell the PlayChip, and provide a gentle introduction to crypto for the uninitiated, of which many of our current users are. It is important to make this fantastic new technology as accessible and understandable to new users as possible to allow for mass adoption. Also our revolutionary PlayWallet will securely store and protect user's KYC and payment information to allow full mobility across the entire ecosystem without being required to KYC for each site, as well as satisfy regulatory requirements from both a gaming and cryptocurrency regulatory standpoint.

Where did your team members meet originally?

The core of our team have been working together for PlayUp since 2016, and all have extensive experience in startups and online gaming.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

As previously clarified, we are already a successful and established gaming ecosystem. We enjoy a fantastic reputation with consumers as well as regulatory bodies, where we cooperate with and operate in four different jurisdictions. The potential risks for the PlayChip are as they are for any other ICO. One is the potential strong regulation or even banning of cryptocurrencies by regulatory bodies, though we are of the opinion that this remains unlikely. We maintain our position of cooperating with authorities and translating our strong credibility from the gaming industry into the crypto world, and improving our transparency with further blockchain integration. Another potential risk is the collapse of the crypto market as a whole, as it is renowned for its volatility. However we see this as natural in a new, burgeoning industry. In time coin prices are likely to stabilise and growth will become more organic, and it is likely that the projects/tokens with the best use cases and utility value will be the ones to thrive. Another potential risk is security, however given the sensitive details we will be storing within the PlayWallet we are engaging with leading industry security experts to ensure that all users of the PlayChip can seamlessly engage with their PlayWallet and store PlayChips, personal information and other cryptocurrencies securely. We are considering adding a biometrics component to the PlayWallet also. Other potential risks could include the number of competitors in the gaming ICO market, but we feel with both the size of the industry and the scope of our offering that we are very well placed to compete and succeed in this space.