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Next generation banking and trading platform

The Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is tailored for individuals and businesses and provides banking and trading services in three asset types: fiat, crypto and stocks. Licensed by the FCA

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Start Date
August 20th 2018 11:48 UTC
End Date
February 28th 2019 11:48 UTC
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United States
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Vlad Bunin photo
Vlad Bunin
Vlad is a high impact executive with 19 years of widespread experience in banking, insurance and airlines industries, able to be accountable for multi-million Euro budgets and allocate resources to exceed profit and sales goals. As a Founder and Board Member of Hedge Capital Company, a successful financial services provider, Vlad has implemented legal governance and financial management policies, has led risk assessment and strategic planning, asset management, cost accounting and control. In more recent years, whilst maintaining a strong involvement in the finances, Vlad has also launched and managed a successful business of integrated financial software solutions for Banks, Payment Institutes and Broker Companies. The breadth of background across industries and excellent analytical and interpersonal skills help him to operate effectively in both large scale and early stage organizations and be a highly valuable expert of the Platio team.
Dima Okhrimchuk photo
Dima Okhrimchuk
Dima has over 10 years of experience in tech and finance. Previously, he was a VP of Business Development at one of the largest photostock platforms. Before then, he worked at various investment banks and venture capital funds, as well as tech companies based in CIS and the Silicon Valley. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley. At Platio, Dima is responsible for driving the execution of its strategic goals and business development.
Dzmitry Lapo photo
Dzmitry Lapo
Dzmitry is an innovative, hands-on executive with a proven success record in Software engineering, FinTech & Banking Industry. With 20 years background in IT industry in startups and large corporations and International Executive MBA degree he develops mid- to long-term technology roadmaps in line with the overall business strategy to reflect emerging technology trends. He strongly believes in building technology the right way and has experience in leading a high performance team of more than 400 employees that work with the same mission, approach and methodology in mind. As Platio CTO, Dzmitry is leading all aspects of technology and product delivery, architecture and scalability, operations and support.
Irina Berkon photo
Irina Berkon
A proven finance, accounting and compliance leader with 15 years of progressive hands-on experience in corporate finance, Irina brings solid background in the fields of IPO, start-ups, M&A, financial audits, international accounting and tax structure, corporate strategic planning and development, and financing activities. Having spent most of her career in the Silicon Valley, Irina has deep expertise in fin-tech, software and digital industries. Irina leads Platio in achieving robust financial management and compliance.
Andrzej Dawydowicz photo
Andrzej Dawydowicz
Currently obtaining a PhD in Business Management, Andrzej has an outstanding business background in administration, international relations and tech. He is a product visionary with a unique and creative approach to developing award-winning technology products that attract and delight customers, grow audiences and engagement, and increase revenues. Andrzej leads Platio in its the development of such products.
Katherin Klein photo
Katherin Klein
With more than 17 years of professional experience including ten years in international marketing strategy, Katherin works closely with industry experts and marketers to make Platio stand out. Katherin, also, possesses skills and experience to recruit and retain the right team to ensure success of corporate goals. At Platio, Katherin runs the operations of the company as well as holds a critical role of HR and recruiting.
Anna Makovnikova photo
Anna Makovnikova
Anna has 20 years of successful international background in Marketing, Sales, Product and Brand Management. Fast learner, believes in bringing added value to the company based on her skills and experience, she uses critical thinking and ability to hear the team in order to achieve maximum results. She has successfully launched new products on the new markets and has a thorough systematic approach that will help Platio ICO campaign to stand out and succeed.
Sergey Lenintsev photo
Sergey Lenintsev
Sergey is highly motivated and hardworking senior technology, telecom and fintech lawyer currently assisting global innovators in the blockchain ecosystem as they launch cryptoprojects, raise capital and pioneer uncertain regulatory landscape. His ?ore competencies include contractual and procedural law, in particular, civil, administrative law, and arbitration disputes. He has been developing the legal structures for his customers in the EU, US, Africa and Asia, implemented AML/KYC procedures, prepared various token sale terms and conditions. With his versatile, pragmatic, solution-focused approach Sergey has an ability to understand complex technology, commercial and legal matters, distil key risks and issues and advise on their mitigation. Sergey ensures that Platio is compliant with relevant laws and regulations.
Jane Backhouse photo
Jane Backhouse
Jane is a PR strategist for high-growth technology companies, with over ten years' experience in tech marketing and PR. She has gained international media exposure for both B2B and B2C startups through her entrepreneurial approach to press relations. Jane holds a Physics degree from Oxford University and began her career by producing technology conferences. She launched the first conference in open source mobile software in San Francisco. Then, as marketing director for a London software startup, she achieved global media and analyst coverage beyond all company targets. Jane founded her own award-winning consumer brand by applying Google marketing analysis - and achieved national newspaper PR within three months of launch.
Alistair Johnston photo
Alistair Johnston
Alistair has more than fifteen years' experience in copy writing, marketing and industry analysis for business and finance. Alongside his role developing Platio's communications, Alistair is a sought-after journalist on ICOs and cryptocurrencies, contributing to several industry publications. Alistair holds an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge. Before specialising in content, Alistair managed the operations for a London hedge fund. He led the team responsible for resolving any all trading issues in the management of $1bn of client funds. His work as the fund's business analyst led him to appreciate the importance of great writing, particularly within finance and technology. He went on to manage the communications for an international consumer brand, translating his work into five languages for Europe- and USA-wide sales.
Maksim Gontar photo
Maksim Gontar
With more than 12 years of distinctive involvement across business development, customer acquisition and support, marketing and project management, Maksim brings structured approach and best sales practices to Platio project. Having a Master's degree in investments and marketing, he has successfully launched several start-ups including the latest ones on blockchain. Maksim's outstanding experience in leading large multi-disciplined teams and implementing measurable service improvements ensure that Platio investors and customers will receive an increasingly efficient, effective and customer focused service.
Dmitriy Shvets photo
Dmitriy Shvets
Venture capital investor and entrepreneur, an early investor in 30+ tech startups operating worldwide, contributed to further portfolio companies successful fundraising from Greycroft Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Metamorphic Ventures, and FJ Labs. Dima is also an advisor to a number of startups. At Platio, Dima is in charge of business development and partnerships, fundraising process, making it effective, transparent and successful.
Intars Veberis photo
Intars Veberis
With 15 years of experience in Financial Services, Intars has a reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable adviser to his clients. His specialties range from private banking, wealth management and investments to taxation and tax planning, supported by a thorough knowledge of both local and global financial service markets. Intars is highly organized and flexible and is capable of communicating Platio's benefits to new partners, thus attracting the best companies on board to together create our success story.


Alexa Lopez photo
Alexa Lopez
A highly experienced business developer and investment relationship builder, Alexa has been working with different startups, business angels and investment funds in the Silicon Valley and worldwide. She has a Master’s degree in International Business Relations. She is an active crypto community participant and advocate. At Platio, Alexa is in charge of building and maintaining critical investor relations and is helping bring Platio to the next level.
Marc Boyle photo
Marc Boyle
Marc is a highly experienced strategic and financial advisor to large European and American companies. He has extensive experience with advising banks on market opportunities in Emerging Europe. Advisory work allows him the time flexibility to engage his true passion for entrepreneurship. His first start-up involvement was an ISP in the 90's; pre-Mosaic days. He has been involved with numerous fintech startups in Poland, Ukraine, Finland, England and the US. His highly practical advice and mentoring approach focused on product market fit for start-ups has an invaluable balancing effect for heavily engineer driven teams.
Andrey Khavryuchenko photo
Andrey Khavryuchenko
Andrey has been doing commercial software development since 1991. He has been involved in cryptocurrency world since 2011 and starting from 2013 he has been engaged in developing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, Dash among others. He is a founder of He is also an Advisor and Blockchain Architect in DMarket and Member of the Supervisory board at Pandora Boxchain projects.

Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem Token Distribution

  • Token Sale Participants258,375,000 PGAS65.00%
  • Founders and Team99,375,000 PGAS25.00%
  • Advisors31,800,000 PGAS8.00%
  • Bounty7,950,000 PGAS2.00%


  • Q3 2018

    MVP Platform: Exchange and Payment card

  • Q1 2019

    Payments and remittances: SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE/OCT Invoicing (1.0)

  • Q2 2019

    Processing for online-merchants (1.0)

  • Q3 2019

    Internal transfers (1.0) Exchange & Brokerage (1.0) Asset Guard (1.0) Platio Blockchain Launch

  • Q4 2019

    Tokenization of assets on Platio Blockchain Payments and remittances: SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE Payment cards (2.0) Invoicing & Processing for online-merchants (2.0) Smart Escrow (1.0)


Why is your company going to succeed?

Platio is offering a great set of innovative tools to solve the key challenges of crypto industry. Our business has got crypto and fiat licenses and therefore it's safe and legitimate to use Platio system. Our team is strong and passionate about our product and we aim to change the financial system forever.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Our team is growing gradually. Platio Founder has started to build a core of our team in 2017 and during 2018 many great professionals with relevant experience have joined Platio team. Our HQ is in London, but we regularly have meetings in different parts of the world - Barcelona, Riga, San Francisco, Hong Kong, etc..

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

We think that we are facing the same risks as any other company is crypto industry - lack of regulations or too much of regulations from the goverment and traditional financial system, volatility, slow user aquisition, safety and security of blockchain in general.