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Mobile-only Cryptocurrency

Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency, designed to deliver a simplified user experience and platform that enables all users, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy.

  • Category Mining
  • Project Type Blockchain
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  • Algorithm SHA-256
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  • Jurisdiction Virgin Islands, British
  • Masternode No
Gaming & VR
Start Date
July 30th 2018 15:00 UTC
End Date
December 31st 2018 15:00 UTC
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Restricted Countries
Taiwan, Province of China
United States
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Konstantin Iliev photo
Konstantin Iliev
SEO & Cyber Security
Konstantin is an Internet Marketer with more than 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since 2003, he has worked on various projects in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Bulgaria. Konstantin has a Diploma for Secondary Education in Marketing and a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering in his native Bulgaria.
Andrew Sazama photo
Andrew Sazama
Marketing Communications
Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, Sales, E-commerce, marketing, and Go-to-market Strategy. Strong program and project management professional with a BS focused in Business Administration International Business from Augsburg College.
Gaurav Dubey photo
Gaurav Dubey
Director of Strategy
-Started making money at the age of 12 repairing Electronics. -Gaurav is onboard as Director, Partner, Ambassador, and advisor to more than 10 Blockchain and eight other companies covering different tech and non-tech verticals. -Invented groundbreaking personal and Enterprise utilities for VR, Brain/Machine Interface, Intent prediction and response, Behaviour Analysis, Blockchains. -8 Patents and 3 Filings in the process.
Raj Ladumor photo
Raj Ladumor
Web & Graphic Designer
Raj has an extensive background in the graphic and web design industry. He has completed the Digital Marketing training and received his certification from Google. For the past two years, he has focused on the cryptocurrency marketplace as well as ICO marketing. He specializes in UI/UX work and has participated in a number of crypto projects.
Veronika Mihaylova photo
Veronika Mihaylova
Konstantin Kostov photo
Konstantin Kostov
Konstantin was born and raised in Bulgaria. He studied mechanical engineering in technical school and then earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology at Varna Free University. Currently, he has found fulfillment working in public relations at the young, innovative software company, Camplight. Konstantin most enjoys the opportunity to tackle and solve interesting challenges through communication with exciting and intelligent people. He is extremely interested in the potential of science and technology to improve global living conditions, empower individuals, and support the establishment of increasingly democratic societies. Finally, Konstantin is interested in Buddhist philosophy and believes individuals may become permanently happy regardless of their circumstances through educated methods and positive motivation.
Alex Lambert photo
Alex Lambert


Ivan Likov photo
Ivan Likov
Founder & Lead Developer
As an early adopter and strong believer in the power and potential of the blockchain technology, Ivan's passion is to provide a way for everyone to understand and get involved with the cryptocurrency revolution. Being an app developer, he created the idea of Phoneum - A mobile only powered and mined cryptocurrency. His ultimate dream is to bring this future technology - Today!
Ivo Kacharov photo
Ivo Kacharov
Android Developer
Android Developer
Emil Atanasov photo
Emil Atanasov
iOS Developer
An IT consultant who has rich experience with mobile technologies. He started working in the field of mobile phones as a developer back in 2006. He is a MSc graduated at RWTH Aachen University, Germany and Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky", Bulgaria. He has been a contractor last couple of years for several huge USA and UK based companies. He has experience as a team leader and project manager for several companies. Emil was involved in the process of creation, design and improvement of mobile apps for Android and iOS. He likes to share the knowledge and teaches at Sofia University different courses related to Swift and iOS development. At the moment, he is running own company contracting and consulting clients from around the world - Appose Studio Ltd.
Kristian Tachev photo
Kristian Tachev
Blockchain Developer
Graduated Applied Geophysics and trying to implement new Software for better interpretation of Geophysical Surveys like Schlumberger, Electric Conductivity Methods, Magnetic Tomography etc. Skills: Web Developer, AngularJS, NodeJS, ZeroMQ, MySQL, PHP, Phalcon, Javascript, JQuery, KnockoutJS, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, Illustrator, Grapher, Surfer, MatLab.


Donald Ziraldo photo
Donald Ziraldo
Lead Advisor
Specialties: 35 years of experience in the wine business. Particularly in Niagara, Napa and on Icewine. Co-founded Inniskillin Winery. Marketing, Sales, Brand Recognition in the wine industry. Business Leader. Author of 2 books: Icewine: Extreme Winemaking and Anatomy of a Winery. Order of Canada.
Warren Whitlock photo
Warren Whitlock
I advise corporations and entrepreneurs on strategies needed to take advantage of digital media tools and online opportunities that drive growth and profits. A current focus is blockchain, a technology that will disrupt most traditional business. Advising enterprise on ICO, e-commerce, martech, new media, and the future of marketing. Perhaps best known for writing the first book about Twitter “Twitter Revolution,” I explained how mobile technologies and social media would revolutionize marketing and business. These trends will continue for decades. Digital business IS business today, but business is still all about connections and collaboration between human beings. Modern tools allow us to be more connected than ever before and provide an individualized experience to each prospect and customer.
Aaron Grinhaus photo
Aaron Grinhaus
Aaron Grinhaus is a business and tax lawyer who advises on corporate structures, estates matters and commercial transactions, and is an established Fintech consultant who advises on ICOs and crypto structuring as well as the use of blockchain technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrency to reduce business costs, support capital raises and expedite cross-border wealth transfer and commercial transactions.
Emma Todd photo
Emma Todd
Emma is an innovative, senior marketing executive who specializes in Blockchain and Fintech marketing. Emma is also experienced with creating effective public relations and social media marketing campaigns, and working with advertising agencies. Emma's strengths include a proven track record of achievements, relationship building as well as handling multiple campaigns and projects simultaneously.
Ashton Addison photo
Ashton Addison
Media Advisor
Mr. Addison is a business degree graduate, entrepreneur, and digital enthusiast with experience in computer technology, webdev, SEO and internet marketing, finance and financial markets, accounting, economics, cryptocurrency, blockchains and distributed blockchain technologies. Mr. Addison has been involved in the cryptocurrency community since 2013, including contributing at local bitcoin meetups acting as a researcher and independent journalist under his own fintech news broadcasting networks the Crypto Coin Show and EventChain Media.

Phoneum Token Distribution

  • Mining16,500,000,000 PHM82.00%
  • Sale Allocation2,462,500,000 PHM11.00%
  • Team & Advisors500,000,000 PHM3.00%
  • Company Reserve500,000,000 PHM3.00%
  • Others37,500,000 PHM1.00%


  • Jul 2018

    Phoneum ICO Starts

  • Sep 2018

    Phoneum ICO Ends

  • Oct 2018

    PHM Token Lists on Exchanges

  • Dec 2018

    Phoneum Main Network Launch

  • Q4 2019

    Phoneum Achieves Mainstream Adoption


Why is your company going to succeed?

For too long now, cryptocurrency mining has been out of the reach for the average person. It is expensive to mine BTC, with some estimates suggesting that 0.5% of all electricity consumed in 2018 to be going towards BTC mining. (this is the equivalent of energy used by 6.7mil US households)
Because it is also now possible to mine on a smart device (Android or iOS) without causing damage to the device by overheating or draining the battery-life. Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency (PHM) and product that is revolutionary with its customized blockchain and algorithm for consensus, optimized especially for mobile devices. The revolutionary Phoneum application and product focuses on ease-of-use and speed of transaction to be able to deliver on Phoneum’s mission to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and mining them.
Finally, we have been putting partnerships in place to benefit Phoneum and its supporters. We recently announced our first Exchange listing, BEFORE the ICO even began. We have partnerships with other projects that will soon be announced as well. We believe that Phoneum can benefit many in the crypto space and help lead to widespread adoption.

Where did your team members meet originally?

Our team is spread throughout the world but has one thing in common, telegram. Our founder Ivan resides in Canada, having emigrated there as a teenager. He still has ties to his native Bulgaria and connected with a number of developers there to build out the team. We also have team members from the United States, Mexico and India. All were brought together by the common thread of helping to make mining accessible to everyone.

What are the top five risks you see for your business?

In no particular order:
1. Market Acceptance – As with all cryptocurrencies, this is the single most important factor today. Slowly the tide is changing, but for every win in the marketplace, there is a perceived loss as the status quo is not ready to easily give up. Banks, Credit Card Companies, Brokerages and other investment vehicles are slow to adopt and work hard to put a negative spin on all things crypto-related.
2. Apple and Google – Apple and their closed environment could make things difficult if they blindly lump Phoneum in without knowing the true nature of the app. Google has recently implemented a ban on mining apps, due to all of the malware that has been hidden on apps disguised as something else. We applaud both for taking this stance, but also humbly request they take a look at our data and see that what we say is true. We don’t overheat phones or drain their battery life any more than the most popular apps on the market today.
3. Competition – Currently there is no true competition. The closest, Electroneum, has raised $40mil and not yet delivered on the promise of mobile mining. It is simulated mining, meaning a desktop is still required to do the heavy lifting. It is possible in the future that others will figure out a similar algorithm that will allow for true mobile mining, but we anticipate having a head start and brand recognition due to first to market.
4. Regulations – Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. Each country is trying to determine how to best handle crypto. Some are opening up their arms and embracing, while others have yet to determine just how to handle crypto. Until there is a better understanding due to education, regulations can always be a risk.
5. Perception – Many people today do not believe that it is possible to mine on a mobile device. They believe that mining rigs are required. Until the public is educated and shown that mobile mining is for real and can be done effectively, there will always be naysayers who want to put it down. This was true in the beginning with Bitcoin and still to this day exists in many circles, although this is slowly changing.